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This month's column is sort of an online TV redux of my previous TV column. Last time I wrote about various devices which could provide an interface between the internet and your TV. This month, after some feedback from plenty of folks who responded with, “TV. What TV? I watch everything on my computer,” the subject is online TV.

Hot List
Being Canadian
Outdoor patios
Neon toes
Road trippin’
River floats
Tweetng about how much you love your life
Jumping in a lake like a boss
Sweat beads
Driving behind five RVs
Clever names on baseball jerseys
Tanning oil
Hitching a ride – on Kookanusa

Bubble 1
$19.99 – Because $20 is an outrageous amount of money!

Bubble 2
I end my Facebook conversations with “liking” the last post – you too?

Bubble 3
Not all goodbyes are sad. Example “Goodbye Class.”

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Support
You are part of of a great and powerful network of beings and are surrounded constantly by love and guidance. When you are in danger, you will receive warnings or support, when afraid, you will be comforted with positive energy, when confused you will receive signs of guidance. Pay attention as soon evidence of this support will be apparent, and in turn you will provide the same support to others.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) New Beginnings

Hot List
Grads doing the Grand March
Cold lake water
Coco Melon Palm Bay
Cheap flip flops
Hoodies for jackets
Fresh pair of shades
An evening spent at Infinitea
Supporting Relay for Life
The Weather Network app
Diamonds and the Devil
Dog baths

June Fashion

After the rush to the gym at New Years most people start thinking about fitness and losing/gaining weight about a week into warmer weather. As soon as we doff that heavy coat and sweater and start eying the shorts in the closet we start thinking about getting bathing suit ready again.

Hot List
Sasquatch Music Fest
Car washing
Hiding people from your news feed
May Long
Lawn ornaments
Shorts with sweaters
Visa debit cards
Garden planning
Aprons at The Green Petal
GF options at Freshies
Photo Studios

Wapiti News and Playlist
Have you got your ticket yet? Wapiti has broken records for ticket sales, first and second tiers were sold out in seven days. At this rate the limited number will disappear quickly.

How important is your email? Do you use an online service such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo? If so, then while you may have slightly better protection than the typical home user, you're still not completely safe. There are steps you can take to make it more secure.

A friend recently purchased a new condo that came with Internet. After a brief discussion about open wireless, she went home and scanned her network discovering a bunch of other computers connected along with hers. She wondered if this was a problem.

Sharing an Internet connection and sharing a wireless connection are really the same issue. And both come with essentially the same set of concerns.

Wapiti Playlist
Tickets now on sale! This year it’s different folks, with a tiered system starting at $35. The earlier you purchase, the more you save. With limited Tickets for 2013, don’t be left on the wrong side of the gate.

Stompin’ Tom – “My British Columbian Home”
Plants and Animals – “Lightshow”
The Born Ruffians – “Needle”
Wildlife – “Born To Ruin”
Hollerado – “Desire 126”
Two Hours Traffic -"Faster 4 U”
Woodpigeon – “Robin Song”
We Are Wolves – “As the Moon Sets”
Kathleen Edwards – “It Must Have Been Love”
Diamond Rings – “Runaway Love”

Hot list
Bailing people out of the Griz Days jail
Pinching people who aren't wearing green on the 17th
People hosing snow off their lawns
Chocolate bunnies
Spring break'ers doing shots
Parental over-sharing on social media
Hair by Dayna at Sparrow
Cross Fit addictions
Jameson's whiskey
Being arty
Bacon and eggs
Reservations for dinner at Toque by Twilight
March Madness

Wapiti Playlist