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This film features Joaquim Phoenix as Callahan, Jonah Hill as his A.A. sponsor, and Rooney Mara as Annu, Callahan’s love interest. Find out if Andrew gives it two thumbs up.


Like sailing, the life of an artist, while attractive in many ways, can seem impractical before you embark. There is no clear way forward, there is no guarantee that it will lead to success no matter how you define it or any kind of stability. 

October marks the beginning of an explosion of astrological aspects in which we will be creating new connections in our emotional life! Explosion is definitely the right word since some of these connections will require a force similar to the dynamite used to make new roads on solid rock!

Some people love to read books for hours, Marcus just loves to draw or paint and find it’s relaxing and calming. 

The Fernie Museum is excited to present BENT ON ART, a pop-up exhibition featuring the works of 15 Kootenay queer artists from September 28 to October 14, 2018. The exhibit is being hosted in collaboration with the Fernie Pride Society as part of the Elk Valley Pride Festival.

These days, with everyone on their phone, the lowly keyboard is beginning to take a bit of a backseat. That’s unfortunate because it’s happening just as keyboards are experiencing a bit of a renaissance.


Han Solo is one of the most popular and recognisable characters in the Star Warssaga. Unfortunately, this particular production has been fraught with behind the scenes drama, with the original directors being fired, and 70% of the movie having to be re-shot.


Never stop asking, never stop listening, never stop learning, and never stop sharing. Knowledge is a kind of power, but it’s only when we share that power that we truly become a powerful people.

September is a time of great transition where life is setting up a proposal for us: to move from a Saturnian and personal way of dealing with our karma to a more Uranian and global way of following the path of our destiny. How this translates into our own life depends on who we really are!

The Elkford Arts Council (EAC) invites artists (or artist teams) to submit a Proposal to design and create a site-specific public artwork at the Elkford Community Conference Centre in Elkford, BC, Canada.

This opportunity is open to professional artists (and artist teams) who demonstrate the following attributes: