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The Writing is on the Wall by Courtney Baker

The Arts Station is excited to be bringing one of Canada’s top street artists to Fernie for a weekend workshop and live painting event this coming January. This artist is passionate about the promotion of graffiti as art as it allows for more people to be exposed to the stunning talents of the artists and the motivations that propel them. Graffiti, like all art, does have its boundaries; the wall of a building just offers more expansive ones.

The Writing on the Wall

Graffiti is a funny thing. Usually, people encourage creativity in children and youth but with graffiti usually people call the police...

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Abstract Photography

We were on a sea kayaking trip in the Broughton Archipelago and found ourselves in the little town of Echo Bay. I had been shooting some of the moored boats sitting in the harbour when I noticed how the colour of one of the ship's rudder and water was mixing. Since the story was the colour for me, I decided to crop the frame in such a way as to only keep a bit of the boat for context.

Photo by Kevan Wilkie / [6:8] Photography

Burning Blur

This month's Through the Lens features abstract photography by Kevan Wilkie, Lisa Gover and Nicole Matei.

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Not so long ago, vampires were seen as predatory beasts; vile creatures who fed off the blood of fair damsels, slept in coffins and hated humanity. It was not until fairly recently (in the last 16 years) that vampires have begun to be viewed more sympathetically in North American popular culture.

Warriors of the Zombie Hamlet: Prose and Poems of the Great Zombie Apocalypse
by Bubba T. Cook

Patrick Markle

I wake up, look out my window and there, in a glow from the early morning light, is my inspiration. I rise, grab my brush and begin work on my latest creation. I moved to Fernie in 2003 and was immediately impacted by the beauty of the Elk Valley. It was like no other place I had been. From the white peaks towering over town in the winter to the infinite greens of summer, it’s a truly spectacular and unique part of the Rockies. It is this beauty that continues to inspire me eight years later.

Patrick Markle shares his journey with acrylics.

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Hello, I'm Adam Rigby, owner/operator of Rigby Sign. I have been operating in Fernie for the last five or six years.

Through the Lens - Dirt Diggler Photo Shootout Special with Todd Weselake

The 5th Annual Dirt Diggler DH fall classic fell on a true Fernie fall day - fresh snow, fog, windy and wet. Pretty much the perfect set up. With a bucket of Chubby Chicken and a night at Island Lake on the line, competitive spirits were high. After some recent maintenance by the Back Country Trail Experts, twenty men and six women turned up to descend the gnarly course. Five photographers competed in the first annual Diggler Photo Shootout with Lisa Dawn Gover taking the grand prize of $50 and a bottle of wine.

This October the Dirt Diggler downhill mountain bike race included a photo shootout competition among talented photographers. View photos from Lisa Gover, Kyle Hamilton, and Todd Weselake in this month's Through the Lens - the top three photographers in the first annual Dirt Diggler Photo Shootout!

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Mr. Bean, man-child, mini-enthusiast and pop-culture icon, first graced British TV screens on January 1, 1990. His television show, simply called Mr. Bean, ran for five years and showed his ability for getting into trouble doing everyday tasks such as going to church and going shopping. It gained a large UK audience pulling in 18.74 million viewers for the 1992 episode The Trouble with Mr. Bean.

What makes Mr. Bean so appealing?

I meant to recommend Here and Gone for its vivid and moving depictions of fishing. Poems about fly-fishing, thought I, this book is made for Fernie readers! But when I sat down to write my column, I found myself consumed, instead, with thoughts of death. Death and life are everywhere in these poems, which shouldn’t be a surprise: poems are always about life and death. However, I’ve never seen the two placed so starkly together. In poems absolutely teeming with life, the presence of death is, every time, uncomfortable and startling.

Colour Composition

This scene was at a rest stop in Montana. Complementary colours of faded green and rusty red were a classic combination, and the texture of the rust was an added bonus.

Photo by Janice Edwards

Simple Beauty

I love how the simplest form can transform into eye catching pieces of art by using colour to evoke real emotions. This particular piece of art comes from a simple plastic bead curtain and a green wall.

Photo by Lisa Gover / Lisa Dawn Photography

Two unique photographs utilizing colour by Janice Edwards and Lisa Dawn.

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