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February 1: While Welcome to the Rileys may not promise to be a great film, it does promise to be an interesting one. Starring James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo, the movie tells the story of a married couple that has drifted apart over the grief of losing a 15-year-old daughter. When the husband discovers his wife has already bought his and hers headstones, he is prodded into re-evaluating his life. He meets an underage stripper and decides to move in with her. This isn’t as creepy as it sounds.

Human beings have always been fascinated by magicians. Whether it’s the old testament tale of Moses parting the Red Sea or Prospero summoning storms to torment his brother in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, people have always been enamoured of the idea that somewhere out there, there are individuals who can alter the world simply by concentrating really hard and uttering a few magic words.

February’s review is a no-brainer: a book set in Fernie, written by a Fernie writer and published by a Fernie press. Of course, you’re going to read Lisa McGonigle’s ski-bum memoir Snowdrift. With any luck, you can also share a beer with Lisa at the Brickhouse and have her sign your own locally purchased copy. Isn’t Fernie great?

Sharlene Czeh - Fernie's Jewelry Junkie

I feel that I have always had a creative side. In High School it was expressed through taking art classes with Mrs. Stead at Fernie Secondary School, which progressed to attending art school in Kelowna, BC. and then, years later, led me to taking Hair Design in Calgary, AB.

Fernie local artist Sharlene Czeh shares her story and amazing jewelry with the Fernie Fix.

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Instead of fighting with your New Year’s resolutions this year why not build something instead? The Raging Elk Cardboard Derby on Saturday 22 at Fernie Alpine Resort is a great opportunity to get together with your partner, friends or kids and enjoy creating your very own masterpiece and a whole host of memories that will last well beyond that ubiquitous list.

January 4: You may have heard folks talking about Mao’s Last Dancer after Indie Films Fernie brought it in last September. This biopic about ballet dancer Li Cunxin is spellbinding, as it follows Cunxin’s journey from a small Chinese village to principal dancer for the Houston Ballet. Mao’s Last Dancer is not perfect—some of the performances are too wooden and some of the scenes are too sentimental—but it hits all of the right notes and the dancing is spectacular.
Other releases: Dinner for Schmucks, Machete & Case 39

Night Photography

Salmo Truck - I don’t know what it is about Salmo, BC but there seems to be a surplus of old abandoned trucks right off the highway. Out of all the trucks I found, this one had the most character. The curves are great and the rust creates great colour and texture, showing its weathered life.

Photo by Nick Nault

This month features night images captured by local photographers.

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It has to be frustrating to have a band halfway around the world taking ownership of your music, songs that you’ve played in front of thousands of sweaty, satisfied fans. And it has to be maddening that this band is so blatant in its plagiarism that it can’t even think of a truly original name.

But Mad Cow, BC/DC guitarist and the artist formerly known as Angus Hung, is pretty blasé about the apparent success of the BC/DC tribute band AC/DC.

There have been many great bio-pics produced by Hollywood. Take for example Hoffa, Danny DeVito’s wonderful exploration of the life of union boss Jimmy Hoffa; and Malcolm X, Spike Lee’s film about the life and times of the famous civil rights icon. There is also Amelia, a movie about Amelia Earhart, starring Hilary Swank, who turns in an excellent performance. And who could forget Milk, Gus Van Sant’s bio-pic of gay rights activist, Harvey Milk.

Let’s start off the year with a poetry recommendation. Poetry is where I go when I need to slow down and reflect, really absorb the world around me in all its fullness and complexity. Lucky for me, one of my favourite writers has a brand new collection this winter. Through the Humber School of Writers, Elisabeth Harvor mentored me during the process of drafting my first two books (a collection of stories called Anything Boys Can Do and a novel called The Bone Cage).