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The Trotsky, Movie Review

Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Devadovich Bronstein) born on August 7, 1879, was one of the chief architects of the Russian revolution, and played many roles in the Bolshevik struggle to spread soviet style communism throughout Russia. He was a soldier, an orator, an author and an exile. In fact Trotsky’s life was so multifaceted and exciting, that it inspired Montreal filmmaker Jacob Tierney to write and direct a film based on his life. Well, sort of.

Black and White Portraits

Allison is one of the few girls who ride dirt jumps in Fernie. You can usually see her at the City jumps with her riding buddy Kerri and the rest of the guys.

Photo by Dylan Siggers

Over the last few years, Al has been building some of the only free ride trails we have in Fernie. Clearly he has spent too much time alone out on the trails. Thanks for all the hard work.

Photo by Nick Nault

September's "Through the Lens" challenged photographers to take Black and White Portraits.

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Even though the members of Hollerado were barely born when Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch first sang “These Are the Daves I Know,” they have a pretty good story about meeting the comedy troupe’s Dave Foley. They didn’t just meet him, but got him in the back of their van and convinced him to be in a music video.

September 6: Hanna tells the story of a 16-year-old girl whose ex-CIA father has trained her to be an assassin. The pair has spent most of her life in northern Finland, isolated from the rest of the world, until he sends her big mission – to kill another agent. A cross between Run Lola Run and the Bourne movies – with a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi thrown in the mix – the film is straight up entertainment that is perfect for back-to-school brains. Saoirse Ronan’s otherworldly quality is put to good use as Hanna, especially as she finds herself a stranger in strange lands.

The Man Booker Prize is an annual award given to the best work of fiction in the British Commonwealth and Ireland. Alison Pick’s Far to Go is one of three Canadian books recently long-listed for the 2011 Booker, a great honour which was just the incentive I needed to pull it out of my towering to-be-read pile. I’m very glad I did. Pick’s story held me firm in its grip from the first sentence to the last, her characters as real to me as my next-door neighbours.

One time when I was in Grade 3, my mother asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me, Dear?” I searched my mind, unsuccessfully, for anything I’d done that warranted confession. Nothing. Turns out, she thought I was afraid of the dark, after seeing me hiding my flashlight under my bedcovers the previous night. I explained that I had been reading a Hardy Boys book after bedtime, sneaking in the last chapters.

Action in Summer Sports/Activities

Slip and Slide
Last summer Schulz and I came up with the idea of building a slip and slide somewhere really fun. We somehow made it happen out at Sandy Shores down on the Kooc. It was a really, really fun afternoon playing in the sun and water.
Photo by Matt Kuhn

Martina Halik on a mission to the anchors after jumping on a steep, gnarly, un-graded root.
Photo by Lisa Dawn Gover

Photos by Lisa Dawn Gover, Matt Kuhn and Liliane L'Archer in this month's photo gallery.

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It’s no secret that Fernie-ites love music festivals. Hearing about Starbelly, Shambhala, Nakusp or Kaslo over the summer is a daily occurrence. Are you going? Did you go? I think I saw you at …

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, the son of Odin (the all-father, head of the Viking pantheon). Thor is described as fierce-eyed and red-haired, father of numerous gods and goddesses and the bearer of Mojihir, the magical mountain crushing hammer.

I’ve lived in Fernie full time for the past three and a half years and love the area. I first came here for a two-week holiday in 2003 with my girlfriend and we both fell in love with the place. That trip set off a chain of events and the motions would never have ignited without the help of Butch Coultry who I met on that 2003 trip.