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Summer, through your lens

This photo was taken at FAR of my son, mountain biker Logan Rowley, pausing to soak it all in. One of my favourite shots!

Photo by Rich Rowley

It's a Hit
It feels like summer is here once the kids’ sports teams start playing in the afternoons. After only one hour of practice, the T-ball teams take to the field for their first game of the summer. It's a little disorganized, but everyone's having a great time - the kids hitting and chasing the ball that rarely ends up where they want it and the parents watching the enthusiastic pandemonium from the stands.

This months we asked for submissions representing "your funniest, craziest, or most beautiful "captures" from your summer in and around Fernie."

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On May 10, JJ Lee visited the Fernie library to talk about his highly acclaimed memoir The Measure of a Man. The book, JJ Lee’s first, has been nominated for a slew of nonfiction prizes, including the BC Book Prize, the Charles Taylor Prize, and the Governor General’s Prize. Reviewers across the country have praised Lee’s fine prose, throwing out phrases like exquisite, beautifully and cleverly executed, and deftly crafted. The Measure of a Man deserves all this praise and more.

There seems to be a good dose of kismet in the tour of Victoria’s Quoia and Fernie’s Shred Kelly. Both bands were formed out of weekly jam nights and both bands are known to get an audience onto its feet. But even before the bands were aware of each other, folks were suggesting they meet.

I love to paint. Often a dream of my next piece wakes me from deep sleep and I quickly arise and put on a pot of coffee (usually around 4 am). It is my time, my peace, my quiet, and my vision is clear.

Fascinated with both the sciences and the fine arts, choosing my career path was challenging but I opted to do a Bachelor of Science in nursing, which in my mind is an elegant mix of the arts and sciences. After having three beautiful girls within a four-year span, I have been blessed to work very casually as a RN, but admit to needing a creative outlet - some mental reprieve.


Bruce Campbell is an extremely gifted character actor with a knack for selecting odd, often sci fi – related roles that no “serious” actor would touch. The man has a filmography as long as your arm, which includes movies like Bubba Ho Tepp, where Campbell plays a geriatric Elvis doing battle with an evil mummy in a nursing home, to doing the voice of mayor Shelbourne in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He currently plays the role of retired navy SEAL Sam Axe on the television series Burn Notice.

Photos that represent community

The TransRockies Challenge is known around the world as North America’s best endurance mountain biking event. Teams and journalists from around the world flock to Fernie each year to capture the beauty, emotion and challenge.

Photo by Martina Halik


Decorating Easter eggs is seriously fun to do, especially with friends. After having a fantastic day getting them ready, we place them in a basket for the bunny. When I whip out my camera to document them... there's "community" staring me straight in the face. Total fluke but pretty perfect!

Martina Halik and Hannah Johnson's photos are showcased in this month's Through the Lens, highlighting community.

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I write this column as I fly home from Burlington, Vermont where I attended The Face of the Game, a symposium held in conjunction with the Women’s Hockey World Championships at the University of Vermont. The panel on which I participated focused on representations of women in hockey literature, and my own discussion centred on Cara Hedley’s Twenty Miles, the first Canadian novel to feature women’s hockey.

Creating Art Through the Environment

This month artists were asked to create art through the environment/recycling. These two submissions stood out and really captured the green motif we were going for.

Forgotten old semi truck ripe slowly turning to rust and waiting for a scrap yard to have its stell be reborn into something new and useful.

Photo by Matt Kuhn

While spending a full moon night at Thunder Meadows we decided to get creative with our headlights and the mountain. If you look closely you can see Luke's attempt at writing his name.

This month artists were asked to create art through the environment/recycling. These two submissions stood out and really captured the green motif we were going for.

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True Grit by Charles Portis was originally published as a serial in The Saturday Evening Post in 1968. Portis’ story recounts the adventures of Mattie Ross, a 14 year old Arkansas farm girl and her quest to hunt down and ultimately kill Tom Cheney, the man who murdered her father. She is assisted in the enterprise by Rooster Cockburn, a middle-aged, drunken U.S. marshall with a rather brutal approach to justice, and Laboeuf, a handsome and undeniably arrogant Texas ranger.

I am an assemblage artist... I sculpt with found metals. I believe the recycled metal has a large amount of energy already in it, which lends to the piece itself. I enjoy seeing and hearing the reactions from people when they first see my artwork, more often it’s the kids who reveal they’re true reflections from it. Good or bad.