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With each audio/visual experiment he learns more about the process, about himself, and the world around him.

Hollywood seems to have a very difficult time making films and television programs which analyze and criticize the military industrial complex. Does this one make the cut?

A couple of years ago a friend and I were having the “best headphones” debate. This is a favourite debater of audio junkies and like best scotch or best mountain bike trail, there’s no right answer.

As I prepared this month’s poem solo, I travelled back in my mind. I went to a place that was just as uncertain as today. In going back, resolve and evolution play on the heartstrings.


While some enjoy revisiting old memories for the good feelings they bring, Michael has made a career of setting up residence in the past and making a living there. Clawhammer Press is a business quite literally built on a foundation of nostalgia. 

The theme this month is all about relationships and communication and a truly immense transformation will occur this month, watch and see how the energy moves. There is a lot of fire mixed with passion, obsessiveness and it might feel decently intense at times.

She loves sharing her craft with all of you; the pieces she makes come from her heart and bring so much joy to her life.

In a kingdom of calm, Tricia Clark is the queen. She is serene in her nature, finding the sea beneath her feet wherever she may travel. 

It’s funny how sometimes an offhand comment can reveal how bad assumptions can be.

One of the things I love about Fernie is that you can wear anything you want with no judgment. Whether in jeans and a tee or a gorge party dress, your style is welcome and accepted in our little mountain town.