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Communities are like quilts – they need a balance of unity and variety to function properly. Finding like-minded people is good for unity, but how would we ever learn and grow if we weren’t confronted with ideas or ways of doing things that are unexpected or different from ours? How bored would we be if everyone we met on the street was just like us? In our lives, as well as in our paintings, too much repetition is constrictive. A composition, as well as a community, need variety to thrive.

I am an abstract artist that paints intuitively, with the goal to elicit joy. My paintings are an internal expression of what is occurring around me. I’m inspired to paint when happy, so I often hear that my paintings are fresh, joyful and fun. It makes sense, because I like fun! I paint with music and am most happy when I can paint outside by the river or in my backyard with a view of the mountains. 

Every year around earth day I take stock of the environmental impact of my art practice. I’ve always worked hard to minimize my footprint, and my studio is the place I spend the most time so it makes sense for me to create green processes wherever possible. I do use some petrochemicals because the oil-based letterpress inks need a little muscle to get clean and mineral spirits are the only thing up to the task, but at a liter per year that’s not a big impact.

I am a painter from the Crowsnest Pass, who has a love for Fernie through the connections I’ve made with dear friends and the creative community here. You should at least know this about me: my outdoor preference is paddling down the Elk River over downhill skiing any day because I cannot bear the chairlift for fear of heights. And no, skinning up the slopes does not make up for this problem.

The zodiac cycle begins with Aries, so April is essentially the first month of the astrological year. With this new year is a major undeniable theme felt both at the collective and individual levels: healing the inner child. 

April begins with a new moon (the sun and moon sit at the same place in the sky - 11ºAries), which is tightly conjunct Mercury (9ºAries), the planet of communication and also Chiron, the wounded healer (12º Aries). Essentially: the wound is being illuminated, felt and finally communicated and this is happening both on the micro and macro level.

The worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal.

Equality implies individuality.
-Trey Anastasio

All who have died are equal.
-Comanche horseman

As I continue to celebrate women while recognizing the theme of equality this month, I am reminded that none of us are created equal. We all possess varied strengths and weaknesses, the driving elements of who we are, changing all the time. I wanted to ask some of the women in my life, “what is the best part about being a woman?”

Don’t Look Up is meant to serve as an allegory for climate change but could just as easily be seen as a film about the mishandling of the recent COVID pandemic.

We had a power outage the other day.  Not for very long. Only about ten minutes. Fortunately, I run my equipment off an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) so my computer didn’t go down and I didn’t lose my work. My optical network terminal (fibre) and wifi router are on their own UPS so we didn’t lose internet connectivity even with the power out.

I first started creating art from a very young age, although it wasn’t until I was fifteen that I started beading. I watched an elder bead while I was at an Indigenous youth conference, and I immediately fell in love with it and knew I had to try for myself. 

As an artist I’ve attempted to make a career out of trying to make the world a more beautiful place. I understand that beauty is quite subjective, but my overarching goal is to treat the planet, and humanity, like I’m on a multi-decade hike—to leave the place better than I found it. It turns out that that is a more complicated task than I ever thought it would be.