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If you’re the kind of person who rides Swine Flu twice in a row—for fun—then this column may not be for you. While the rest of us are going to great lengths to avoid discomfort, you crazy ‘type-two-fun’ people might just have it all figured out. 

My first significant visit to Fernie was to help teach a letterpress workshop just over 11 years ago. The idea of launching Clawhammer Press in Fernie was not even a twinkle in my eye when a friend asked me to co-teach for the weekend alongside my mentor, Peter Bartl. Saying yes radically changed the direction of my life. 

“Great recipes are meant to be shared.” —Shelley Adams

POV: You’ve finished a weekend of imbibing, chicken-winging (hey, maybe you made the Pok Pok wings from the last Fernie Fix issue?!), and general indulgence. It’s Monday and you’re not ready for the week. There’s a voice inside your head that is begging for something healthy but fulfilling. After all, no great story started with a salad.

Well, maybe this time it’s different. Is the Glory Bowl a salad? Kind of. Does it matter? No. 

Pok Pok was a famous Thai restaurant in Portland by Chef Andy Ricker. I used to be lucky enough to live down the street from this place, and I remember the chicken wings like it was yesterday. It’s sad that this Michelin star and James Beard award winning restaurant closed during the pandemic, but its chicken-wing legacy lives on. 

What makes these wings so special is the tangy flavour of the chicken with layers of caramelized sweet chili sauce on the outside. It’s finished with fresh basil and cilantro for a delicious fresh touch. The recipe requires a bit of oven-watching. 

Over 115 bands have played at Wapiti since 2011
Takes 200+ volunteers to pull Wapiti off

Pro Tip
Look for the Cucumber Mint Cider from Howling Moon Cider in the beverage garden this year.

A lot has changed over the last 10 years, but some things remain the same... the fashion.

Don’t throw out your CDs yet. If you, like me, have mostly made the switch over to online music, you may be thinking your days of keeping actual media around are over. However, one thing you may or may not be aware of is that often online music is tied to a subscription or account. End the subscription or account and you may no longer have access to the music.

Pop Punk Sad Band. A genre not familiar to our little valley that spends the majority of its time projecting how awesome everything is, all the time. Enter Electric Blanket Band Club (EB), a four-piece supercharged group of action sport enthusiastic sad boiz from Fernie, BC.