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There are plenty of people who parrot the mountain-town refrain, “Came for winter and stayed for the summer” in these parts. While it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, it’s also fitting to say, “Came for the outdoor rec and stayed for the culture.”

What is it and why do you want it?

Green Book had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018, where it won the People’s Choice Award. 

As spring shines in, I have been awarded the great honour of Poet Laureate by the Fernie Academy for poetry month. I value this title beyond measure as I recognize that simply by doing what I love, I am accepted, I am recognized, and I am valued by my community. 

ur simple actions can have concrete and deep-reaching effects on our neighbours.

If we went back to the beginning, the setting would be at a bonfire on May long weekend in 2014 where the first spark of D.I.Y or DIE Supply Co. was created.

This month deals with magnetisation and destiny. Spring brings regeneration of the spirit and being in tune with the divine.

The internet is the biggest thing our species has ever built. It spans the globe numerous times. It is intertwined with all aspects of life for a significant portion of the people on the planet. It is immense.

Christine tells the tale of Christine Chubbuck, a reporter for WXLT, a small Florida television station, who on July 15, 1974, shot herself on live TV, just a month before her 30th birthday. 

When someone asks me if my studio is ‘green,’ what they probably are asking is whether or not I’m keeping the environment in mind as I develop my process. My first instinct, however, is to respond ‘do you mean Emerald Green, Forest Green, or perhaps more of a Pistachio?’