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The Drive Home ...

Leading up to Alberta Family Day weekend, Fernie received snow daily in small increments, making for some surprisingly sweet turns at Fernie Alpine Resort. As the tourists poured into town, so did the snow and skiing over the weekend was magical. Monday evening brought 17cms of powder, and the long-weekenders were happy but tired.

Griz Days are coming up in a week, and Kevin Giffin - Director of the Fernie Ski Patrol, is pretty excited about all that's going on!


A group of Fernie residents decided to head out this winter and try all the nachos on offer in Fernie to discover who has the best nachos! Using the same criteria to judge each plate, El Guapo is the second establishment they hit up.

El Guapo

Taste 4
Amount of cheese (double layered) 3
Three sides included (guac/sour cream /salsa) 4
Quality of sides 3
Toppings 4


This past bluebird weekend opened my eyes to something interesting.

A few trips up the polar peak chair provided me with some incredibly stunning views and a feeling of having had an experience on the hill that was new and just plane exciting.

This weekend it was on - Winter Wheezer hosting Saturday, Breast Buddy fundraising Sunday and Monday. How did I find myself in this predicament? Let's just say I turned off the "I'm too busy" excuse and stepped it up to get behind two events that mean a lot to me.

Rebecca, Abi and myself at the finish line

Picture 6_4.png
~ Environment Canada, Sparwood weather station

The snow hasn't stopped since our last report, but instead of 70cms in one go, it's spread itself out with 10 or 20cm days here and there and one massive 39cm day just yesterday. Snow is in the forecast today and this evening, followed by a little sunshine and Vitamin D!