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While Tourism Fernie will have a new summer video for Fernie out soon, here's a little something to wet your appetite!

Spring has sprung in full force the last few weeks, and riding has begun to take shape. When the wet weather hit hard, I had to be creative to get my rides in (I am definitely learning the pros and cons of a mid-May race) and as some of you may know, I am not a fan of roads. Even double track sends me for a loop, so I've been on the hunt for dry singletrack.

Over the last week I have been skipping the roads and the Wigwam and exploring in town. Here is what I've found so far!

River Road is good to go, and adds more climbing to your ride than Cokato to Morrissey or Elko.

Dylan Siggers, one of Fernie's up and coming artists both in film and video, kicked some butt on the Freeskiing World Tour this winter. Here's a glimpse of what he experienced in Kirkwood!

With the end of every ski season I find myself a little melancholy. Don’t get me wrong, birds chirping outside and sunshine peeking through the front window brings the excitement of getting on my bike!

One of my favourite weeks of the ski season has come and gone, and it was definitely one for the books.

The brain child of Kieran Summers, (many that know him refer to him as the godfather of Hot Dog Day), this popular event began roughly 13-14 years ago when a he decided to get a crew together to mimic those donning the screens in classic ski movies such as Hot Dog the Movie and Aspen Extreme. Not surprisingly, the trend gained momentum and years later it continues to be a highlight of the winter season.

Hot Dog Day had some surprises in store for those in attendance. Vitality Body & Mind created a dance routine and roughly 70 people put in the time to learn the steps to perform together for Fernie's first flash mob! Colourful and fun, it truly made this Hot Dog Day one for the books at Fernie Alpine Resort.

It’s after three days that I venture into town for a change of pace. And what a breathe of fresh air I find.

A trip to the Beanpod can only put a smile on your face and put a spring in your step. Besides the aromas and fantastic tastes there are many reasons to simply appreciate James and Mary …. and their daughter Leah for that matter! Her smiling face behind the till is a breath of fresh air in itself.

Like many in our community, I bike a lot. My feet are often found in tight, plastic shells in all types of weather - freezing cold, wet and muddy, hot and clammy... the result is not pretty. And this is me justifying my need to "pamper" them regularly.

It's been a while since I last posted a playlist, and what better day than the first day of Spring while working on our Summer Guide? Spring is definitely not in the air in Fernie - a multitude of snow is currently accumulating on the ground outside, but here's to its swift arrival.

Sixteen Saltines - Jack White

Main Street - Deer Tick

medium_lineupA_0.jpgAs Calgary city folk by day and small town Fernie fans on the weekend we are often torn.

We get to Fernie and want to slow down and deeply breath in that fresh Fernie mountain air! Yet from time to time we find ourselves missing some big city conveniences.


A group of Fernie residents decided to head out this winter and try all the nachos on offer in Fernie to discover who has the best nachos! Using the same criteria to judge each plate, the Parkplace Pub is the third stop on the tour and so far they have received the best rating!

Nacho Criteria and Point System: 1-5 ( 5 best)
Taste. 3.5
Amount of cheese 5 (double layered)
Sides included 4 (guac/sour cream/salsa)
Quality of sides 3.5
Toppings 3