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Devon Island Part

The sun was still bright as we set up camp, under the watchful eyes of near by Muscox. They ran around us to gain the ridge above camp, where they held their position all night. Occasionally giving us a grunt to let us know we were on their turf.

There is nothing closer to welding without a face shield, than driving into the Southern Alberta sunrise at mid morning. At the end of the burning road, not a magic Irish dwarf on a pot a gold, but a conservative shopping netherworld, where the trees are held down with cable, and the Wild Rosers chase the freaks through the grain and barbwire, the lovely and potent Lethbridge, Alberta. What's that early morning pong? Is that meat rendering, is Leatherface boiling tourists in the piggy barn? It's smells like... Lethbridge.

They say hindsight is 20-20. In my particular case, foresight may have been 20-20, too. There’s no way one can work two jobs during the Christmas rush in a seasonal town and expect to emerge unscathed, and I was well aware of this both before and after Fernie’s two-week busy period. But what can I say. I'm in my twenties: I know a lot of things are bad ideas, and I do them anyway.

 It has been a while, but I’m back! How about an adventure on the World's Largest Uninhabited Island? Um, sure! Devon Island is a remote Island in the Canadian High Arctic. It is primarily covered by ice from the Beltcher Glacier on the East, and the Haughton Impact Crater on the West. The island's landscape is so desolate, it has been used by NASA as the world's best Mars analog site for the practice use of Mars Rovers. Because of the lack of vegetation, extreme weather, and extreme isolation, Devon Island is the largest, uninhabited island in the world.

Firstly, welcome to my Blog. We will be travelling together to places of culinary excellence, diners that offer that special plate of weirdness, taverns with mason jars of home pickled turkey gizzards, places dripping in booze infused barbecue sauce, tables where folks wait fork in hand with a tear of drool running down their chin while they wait patiently for that plate of deep fried goodness to arrive and stop their hearts. There will be calories incurred, and gallons of beer will be used to wash down the spicy wonders.

With over 166cm in one week, skiing in Fernie, BC this December 2012 has been epic! Merry Christmas, we'll see you on the slopes.

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 11.27.53 AM.png

 Last weekend we met with our Best of Fernie 2012 survey winner Kerri Holmes to purchase her FIRST EVER season pass at Fernie Alpine Resort! Both Kerri ad her daughter were very excited to begin spending a lot of time on the slopes this winter. Thanks to everyone who voted this year, we had more votes than ever and the results will be posted this week! Stay tuned.


After the popularity of the list I put together of some of my favourite gift ideas found locally last Christmas, I thought it would be fun and hopefully helpful to do it again this holiday season! Here is part one of this list, with more goodies to follow. And of course, there are so many amazing gifts available in this town, this list just highlights some of my personal favourites. Enjoy!

So, this photo was taken yesterday! Then it snowed another 32cms.