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Here's a little something from our friend's at Island Lake to cheer you up until our next big dump!
Let it snow.

A teenage hunchback sits across from me taking up two seats on a train from Glasgow to Aberdeen. He weighs in at around 450 lbs, and has consumed around 6000 calories in the last half hour. His two buddies sit across from him, one with headphones on singing oblivious to everyone around him to some inane pop song. He must do it a lot, the other lad and the hunchback are seemingly undeterred by his yowls and most excellent facial expressions. I am eating a wonderful cold chicken pie which the hunchback has been staring at like Golum would stare at Frodo's ring hand.

If this doesn't have you booking your trip to Fernie, we don't know what will! Dylan Siggers does it again at Fernie Alpine Resort December 1, 2013 with music by Linden Gigliotti.

“The farther from the mountains the stronger the mountain spirit voices call.”

 How I love the first flake of snow to fall on my face each winter or the calmness that the mountains and skiing brings me.

While we don’t think we need to state the obvious, it’s kinda fun to rub it in...

This is why we all live vicariously through Dylan Siggers... powder skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort! 

Check out the amazing new documentary on Fernie, BC's legendary Island Lake Catskiing!

Invermere, B.C. native Ian McIntosh took his love for extreme sports to new heights when he strapped on his wingsuit and began BASE jumping seven years ago – an activity that is not for the faint of heart. Using nothing but a parachute to break the fall, participants jump from fixed objects at various heights.

I’ll have that, with a side of 20cms of Powder.

1. Fernie Time Fernie is laid back. It’s one of the best things about this place. Take an extra few minutes to get where you need to go, be a few minutes late – it’s all good here!



2. 20cms Powder Rule

 A dwarf at the Calgary airport loaded my luggage on the carousel behind the Air Canada counter. This is not the first time this has happened. He has struggled with my heavy baggage before. I always look to this as a positive sign of good things to come. In olden times he would have been beaten with a shillelagh and forced to give up the location of
a) the magic rainbow and
b) the pot of gold.

Getting excited for the upcoming winter season in Fernie, BC Canada?

Here's a little snowmobiling teaser from Tourism Fernie! Enjoy. 

1. First Things First
Now you may not have been to Fernie, BC, Canada. You may not have even heard of it, but it is, one of the most awesome ski towns you will ever visit. Fact. Fernie was voted ‘Coolest Ski Town in North America” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

2. Let’s get one thing Straight