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I’m the first to admit that I am not the strong ‘investor’ in the household. But at the same time I do have ideas around cash, investments and where it might pay off or help others. I believe that any investment in the ski hill is a good one. In saying this, I find myself curious about the new Polar Peak lift and how the FAR team came to this investment decision.

Check out Tourism Fernie's newest winter video, showcasing all that we love about winter in Fernie! Music by Shred Kelly.

I pull the 20cm rule when I can, and am sometimes on my own trying to get in as many runs as possible before heading back to the office. The key is good music - there's nothing quite like an untracked run and the perfect song to accompany it.

Here are some songs that made appearances during the last week of multiple 20cm rule days!

15 Step by Radiohead

This week has at times felt like a dream, maybe because I have woken each morning to Richard looking out the window, or sneaking downstairs in the darkness of early winter mornings to check the snow report. Tuesday, I was a little grumpy at this 5, 6, and final 7am wake up call. But with 43cms overnight, and it continuing to dump, I didn't protest heading to the hill at 8:15am. Yes, that's right. We were at the chairlift by 8:30am, the lifties were still shoveling out a place for us to put our skis!

At long last - SNOW! And lots of it. Fernie was buzzing this last week and the excitement continues with promising forecasts. While cold temperatures may accompany this next storm, not even -25 will deter powder enthusiasts.


It is with a hint of sadness that I put away the Christmas decorations, hang up my skis and head back to Calgary for the week. Sure, it will be nice to get home and get back to work but I can’t help miss the fresh mountain air.


A few years ago I felt run down and toxic. I was working too much, going through stressful and emotional situations and instead of attempting balance I pushed myself harder and harder. It seems as though stress is the most toxic force in my life and at the time didn't recognize it until... well until I needed to do something serious!

A few years ago a back injury surfaced and I thought I was done running for good. As I slowly strengthened and learned from the injury, I realized that cross training was actually beneficial and preventative. Last winter I dusted off the runners and gradually running found its place back on my priority list... especially when a friend signed me up for a 20km leg in a crazy spring race! Of course, once biking season began it completely took over and running had to wait until fall.

This weather has us thinking about summer! Check out this new Fernie Tourism video by Nic Genovese.