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The 2014 Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam took place this August, one of Fernie's most popular events of the year and this video shows why!

 A large yellow debris tube hangs from the Hotel Arts during my recent visit to Calgary. There are tarps and construction workers. The sidewalk is blocked. The shit has hit the fan on the second floor. Apparently a fire broke out during the Stampede madness. I love the Stampede. I never go. It’s the one week of solace from the usual tourism on slot here in wee Fernie. We all need a break. They should stay home one weekend or two and burn their own shit.

What's not to love? Shred Kelly and local videographer Dylan Siggers team up as Shred Kelly competes with 11 other BC Bands in the Peak Performance Project! GO SHRED KELLY! You guys rock, as do you, Dylan.

Granville Street is littered with visual carnage. There are masses of every kind of folk wandering the concrete. The tweekers eating out of public garbage cans, street musicians, business people carried on the wings of a Jean Patou vapour trail. There is every kind of garbage and biodegradable substance from pizza husks to poodle shit.

Fernie Fix Best of Fernie: Favourite Season - SUMMER! This Tourism Fernie video shot by the talented Dylan Siggers says it all. 

The parking lot at the Blue Moon Tavern had beat down snow and if you looked close at the mounds you'd find road dirt, blood, teeth and puke. Every crystal had a tale to tell about what had spilled out of the tavern and what immoral act had been flung and dripped into the frozen ground. The Blue Moon is a mandatory road stop on the way to Columbia Falls.

Odio quaeque est et, omnesque insolens mei et
Commune officiis mediocritatem vis at.

In this month’s episode of Emily versus Asia, I feel that I may not have come out on top! Between a scooter run-in, literally, and my first ski trip in China it has been a true adventure to say the least.

Fernival is the best spring party at a ski hill there is, if I do say so myself.

1. The best FREE Live Music  Fernie is known for bringing the biggest concert in the Rockies to the region each year. This April with a new twist we’ll get to enjoy tunes from Daniel Wesley from White Rock and The Dudes from Calgary. With Daniel Wesley’s alternative rock and The Dudes with their own blend of “soul music and 90’s distortion,” the best of BC and Alberta will align to put together a rocking concert for all ages.

Through the darkness and blizzard we ploughed along, in a trusty old Suburban with no heat and no speedometer, towards the Bavarian city of the Rockies Kimberley. I was nestled in a sleeping bag with a flask of scotch to help numb the cold, surrounded by some of my British friends who were oddly jovial despite the notion of freezing and falling into the arms of sweet Death.

It's a Horse

 Here I am stuck on the tarmac, waiting for my plane to take off but ironically it isn’t de-icing holding me back but smog!! So I thought to myself - what better time to write a blog. Happy New Year, once again, but this time it is in honour of the Chinese Wooden Horse. Yes, the horse. Unfortunately the element, wood brings some challenges along with it.