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I have been in Dimow Dhemaji, a remote village in Assam India for over a week now. India is a country of indescribable beauty, complex yet very simple lives, opportunity, and growth with no limit in sight, but also a harsh awakening to the severity of a developing country.

Old women sit, their mouths never stop moving as they chew bittle nut often with tabaco. Many of the men and women alike are adorned in silver and gold rings and bangles. Women in saries of every pattern and design colour the street. Children play unsupervised games of cricket, soccer, and tag.

Photo Courtesy of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Glacier National Park Views on a Sunny Winter Day

Fernie is an amazing place to raise a family, work and play. But sometimes, you just need a break from the everyday and getting away helps you to not only rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and your partner, it's also a great way to experience somewhere new.

For most people the holidays are spent with your closest friends and family. It's a wonderful time to be together and personally one of my favourite times of the year. I love staying inside under a warm blanket in the cold Canadian winter nights and going skiing on Christmas day. I have to say though that this year was a little different.

As with every country (actually everything), Mexico has its far share of stereotypes. Like all stereotypes, some flirt with the truth and some are very far from it.

I guess I knew that the day would come eventually. The first day of school, in Mexico. I had no idea whatsoever on what to except. I was nervous (obviously) but I was probably the most excited I have ever been about starting the new school year. I couldn't wait to make more friends and learn more Spanish. I can only speak for my school because just like Canada all schools are different and have different ways of teaching and values. I go to a private secondary school. We have to wear uniforms that for the girls involve skirts, vests, blouses and socks up to our knees.

Sooooo, what’s up?
Not too much, just moving to Mexico you know…

This conversation might seem fictional to most but let me assure you that this is a very real phenomenon that you will encounter when going on an exchange. Most people know what student exchanges are, probably by seeing a new group of foreign high schoolers walking through the streets of Fernie every year or maybe even hosting one! International high school exchanges are an amazing opportunity that thousands of willing and adventurous kids from all over the world are a part of every year.

Today is the end of my first week in my new home. It has been one of the fastest and most exhausting weeks of my life (in a good way). I was taught about culture shock and how to prepare for the feelings that come with changing everything about your life in the matter of hours, but you don't really believe it until you experience it. It's amazing, confusing, terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. 

Shred Kelly just released a new video off their third album Sing to the Night, shot at Fernie Alpine Resort by local videographer Dylan Siggers with Fernie's infamous "Hot Dog Day" event as the theme! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sing-to-the-night/id961649368 

"Sing to the Night" from Shred Kelly's third album "Sing to the Night" (2015) available on iTunes

Shred Kelly has a new CD coming out January, 2015. Check out their latest video release, "Family Oh Family" showcasing their closest as one of Canada's popular touring bands!

Make sure to get tickets to see Shred Kelly when they are in your neck of the woods, we promise it will be a "foot stompin'" good time!

Tour dates:

Filmed by Dylan Siggers, music by Linden Gigiliotti. 

It was somewhere in the middle of a blizzard, in 1988, in a tavern in Nanton Alberta when the fight broke out. I was playing pool with a college buddy who lived in the area, on a raised platform at the back of a local bar. A group of five Hutterite lads were at a nearby table getting their drink on. They were well into a full afternoon of power drinking and the empty draft jugs were piling up. My buddy had departed briefly to the washroom when the floor waitress brought up three more jugs for the Hutterites. One of the lads stood up and punched the waitress in the side of the head.