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Posted May 26, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Fernie draws people from around the world, and fortunately for this small mountain town many fall so in love that they return with their talents and expertise and begin unique businesses, adding to the already impressive array of entrepreneurs and the offerings available here.

When it comes to drinks of all sorts, you will find a suprising number of locally crafted options while in Fernie. Make sure to check out these while here, your tastebuds will thank you.  

Breweries and Cafés

Posted May 13, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

I am an abstract artist that paints intuitively, with the goal to elicit joy. My paintings are an internal expression of what is occurring around me. I’m inspired to paint when happy, so I often hear that my paintings are fresh, joyful and fun. It makes sense, because I like fun! I paint with music and am most happy when I can paint outside by the river or in my backyard with a view of the mountains. 

Posted May 05, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Have you ever heard someone say, “if you want something done, ask the busiest person you know?” I have, and one of my people is Courtney Baker. 

Posted Apr 21, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Recently at a City of Fernie meeting, Sylvia Ayers was presenting to council regarding a ban on plastic bags in our community. As part of the presentation, the École Isabella Dicken Elementary School (ÉIDES) Environment Club had created a video with their thoughts and concerns about plastics. 

“I let them go completely off script,” Russ Hanson tells me, a teacher at ÉIDES who runs the club. “And while it was a risk, it had so much more impact.” Yes, it did. I am sure there wasn’t a dry eye in attendance.  

Posted Mar 24, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Spending so much time at the elementary school, it is hard not to notice the male to female ratio of teachers, student services and youth care workers. Currently, out of 33 positions there are two male representatives. The real differences can be found in leadership roles. Both the Vice Principals and Principals at EIDES and FSS are women. And young women, at that.

Posted Mar 07, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Recently, my eldest daughter started calling me bossy. The first few times, I didn’t address it. But when I heard my younger daughter call the eldest bossy, I stopped what I was doing. I sat down on the floor with them (they were getting dressed to go skiing), and I asked what they think bossy means, and what does Mom do that makes them feel like I am being bossy. Not surprisingly, asking them to do things, reminding them of the plan etc. equates to ‘bossy’ in their six and eight-year old minds. 

Posted Feb 20, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

During the winter season, many of us start our mornings by checking the Mountain Weather on After so many years, forecaster Ron Lakeman feels like a trustworthy old friend, who puts honesty first whether it’s rain or massive amounts of snow he’s sharing with us that day. Ron is how we stay connected with the weather, how we make our plans for the week ahead… “okay, well ‘heavy at times’ on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning office chair it is!”

So, just who is Ron and how did he get into meteorology?

Posted Jan 10, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

It’s been 22 months since COVID-19 threw us all a bit off course. There are many adjectives we could use to describe the ups and downs during this time, but the reality is shifting the focus to moving forward is the most productive and healthiest choice. 

Posted Dec 31, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

I was having some difficulty thinking of who to feature in the Kickstart Issue, and Vanessa immediately said ‘Abi!’ - someone I never thought of because to be honest I typically shy away from featuring my friends. But, yes! Abi Moore knows how to get things started better than anyone I know, and since she’s off in Scotland for the winter with her parents, we planned an afternoon (evening) zoom with a coffee (beer) in hand!

Posted Dec 16, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

When I think about the holidays, Christmas Eve is at the heart of it all. We always were allowed to open one present (once we opened them all, and that was a lesson learned), and my mom made sure it was a dress for that evening’s celebrations

Posted Dec 06, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Recently, Vanessa and I subdivided our office to allow room for another business. With less than ½ the space, it meant downsizing…. a lot. We have kept many copies of every issue printed, and over the last 15 years there have been just two occasions that resulted in a major reorganization. While both were overwhelming, they were also therapeutic. 

Posted Oct 18, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

I’m tired. My emotions are surprisingly close to the surface. I care less about things that used to be so important to me. My faith in humanity is dwindling. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Posted Sep 08, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Black and white. Us and them. Old and young. Boy and girl. Big and small. Short and tall. Local and visitor. 

We grow up learning of ‘the other.’ Defining things and people by these attributes. Putting one another into boxes. And you know what? It just has to end.  

Posted Aug 18, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to sit on the Tourism Master Plan committee with an impressive group of Fernie residents and leaders. This plan, supported by Tourism Fernie, the City of Fernie, the Regional District of the East Kootenays (RDEK), and the Columbia Basin Trust, is a framework to ensure the direction of tourism in the Fernie area reflects the needs and interests of residents, and also that tourism is sustainable in future.

Posted Aug 16, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

During this summer's first heat wave, it was extremely challenging to find things to do with the kids. With a Park Pass at Fernie Alpine Resort, and it being community week, I decided on an exciting, lift-access hiking adventure… I mean, how could they say no to a ride up, and a hike (downhill!) to the base?

Posted Aug 04, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Last year, when the pandemic hit and my two girls were suddenly home I felt a heavy responsibility to keep them active physically and mentally, on top of staying safe. Where better to take the learning than outdoors? Each week, I would shake things up by heading somewhere new and inspiring. Reading circle at Silver Springs. Science class in the Old Growth or at Matheson Falls. Gym class at the Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR) Aerial Park. Many of our ‘classrooms’ I hadn’t been to in years, and some never! They were shocked, ‘but you grew up here!?’

Posted Jul 22, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Many years ago, Terry Nelson came into our office and asked if we could help him publish a book. We had recently published the Fernie Mountain Bike Guide… written by me and designed and laid out by my partner in crime, Vanessa. Terry wanted something similar but hike-specific using the information he had been compiling for years. It was an enthusiastic ‘yes,’ we gave him some direction, and didn’t hear back from him until 2018. The Fernie Trails and Natural Plant Compendium was published early the following year.

Posted Jul 04, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

I went to the University of Victoria. It attracted me for many reasons. It was far from home, but familiar enough as we had travelled there as a family. Only two members of our FSS grad class were going, and I craved not only distance but change. And it was always warm and sunny! Wasn’t it?

Posted Jul 02, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Meaghan on the steps at City Hall in Fernie, BC enjoying a well-deserved refreshement to celebrate her finish!

Posted Jun 14, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

On June 25, the Vogue Theatre is opening its doors to our community after a long stretch of unknown... and everyone is pumped and excited and ready to support this business and the amazing family behind it!

Posted Jun 08, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Dr. Ron Clark, who has practiced as a family doctor in Fernie for over 40 years and most recently served as the Chief of Staff at the Elk Valley Hospital, retired last month. Something he admits came earlier than anticipated but is welcomed with open arms. An avid adventurer… of all things, he is ready to spend time doing the things he loves and to continue to learn new things… like golf. Surprising to even him!

Posted May 18, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

Posted May 08, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

The City of Fernie is building a playground in our neighbourhood. Let me say that again. The City of Fernie is building a playground in our neighbourhood! And we’re stoked! 

While Parkland Terrace has been established for nearly 50 years, this is the first playground it has seen and there is a buzz of excitement in the air. 

Posted Apr 16, 2021 by Krista Turcasso

It's no surprise that Madi Bragg was opening up a garden centre – Three Sisters Farm and Greenhouse. So, just where does Madi’s passion come from?