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Posted Aug 03, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Emma Stevens is the owner of Untamed, a clothing company in beautiful Fernie, creating flattering and wearable art.

“I got tired of not finding anything cool, flattering, and long to wear with tights,” says Emma. “So, I started making and designing everything myself out of super soft bamboo fabric, and yes! They all have pockets. My creations are for busy women who want it all - comfort, convenience, and to look and feel good. We deserve it!”

Posted Jul 19, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

The first time I ever played disc golf was in Fernie. I was home from University for the summer, and new friends took me for a round. I had no idea what disc golf was, and when we parked outside of a private residence on Anderson Road, I was quite confused and then quite impressed that someone would create such a wonderful community asset and allow people to play for free. 

Posted Jul 14, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

“Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon.”
— C. Day Lewis

Posted Jun 10, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Many in our community know of Megan Lohmann… the mom, the volunteer, the organizer, the Nordic ambassador, the environmentalist. But it is unlikely most know the depth of her passion and the impact she has had on our community and beyond through her dedication and hard work. 

Posted Jun 09, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Today Fernie awoke to cloudy skies. It’s May, and imagining a smoky summer is rather depressing. I have already been feeling deflated after last week’s decision by the RDEK to allow the rezoning of a beautiful piece of land between Fernie and the ski hill. Environmental stress is compounding, which I think is inevitable if we are staying in tune and doing our part to advocate for the future of our children and this planet. 

Posted May 25, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

My partner is from Ontario and often talks about cottage country. I get it – it’s absolutely beautiful. I spent a week on a tiny island within the Thousand Islands and while I enjoyed it, I found after day two I was in need of space, silence and movement (it must be the mountain girl in me). Fortunately, not far from Fernie we have our own cottage country that offers the best of both worlds - the South Country! 

Posted May 18, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

This June 17 -25, the Special Olympics World Games are taking place in Berlin, Germany with thousands of athletes competing together in 26 sports. So, just what is the Special Olympics?

Posted May 08, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Spring has long been thought of a time of rebirth. A time of hope, playfulness, fresh air and childlike wonder. 

In our family, my siblings and I have birthdays in spring as do my daughters and niece. So, it truly has always been a time of celebration. This year I have deeply ruminated on this, as spring has also become a time of tremendous loss. Our nana, who passed while we awaited our sweet Maria. Our mummu, as we celebrated Maria’s birthday. Our cousin, as we celebrated my niece. And most recently, our uncle as I awoke on my birthday. 

Posted Apr 15, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

There is just something about the month of April. Maybe it’s the feeling that spring has actually arrived. Perhaps it’s that we get to celebrate the end of our winter season with events like Hot Dog Day and Fernival. Or, I could cherish this month so much because it typically means my gravel bike has hit the roads. But more likely, it’s because I am an April (and also an Easter) baby. 

Posted Mar 14, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

My first experience going to a gym was in high school. There was an elective course called Super Fit, which taught proper weight training techniques as well as general anatomy and the importance of cardiovascular activity. At the time I did not think of myself as athletic but gave it a try and I am grateful that I did as it not only gave me confidence, it helped me to create healthy habits that I continue to value today. After speaking with Amanda Dreger, I realized what made it such a positive experience - working out with a supportive group of girls, three times a week for an entire semester. 

Posted Mar 07, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Equality has always been extremely important to me, but never as much as now, raising two young girls in an ever-changing world means I am quite literally faced with the challenges constantly. And just when we think we have taken many steps forward, extreme events happen, like a global pandemic, that take us many steps back. 

Posted Feb 16, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Recently I was listening to a podcast featuring Esther Perel, a Psychotherapist known for her work on human relationships. During the podcast, the discussion shifted to sex education and how we are failing our youth, and it really made me think. I have a seven and nine-year old, and the curiosity specifically when it comes to body parts and sex is ramping up. But also, the challenges they are facing with relationships is, too. 

Posted Feb 12, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Last year around this time, our family’s babysitter, Shelley Bennett and some friends / colleagues (Brenna Sullivan, Cari Munro and Tabitha Simpson) started a non-profit organization – the Uplift Association. Having known Shelley and the care she provided my daughters for over five years and the support she offered other families in our community whose kiddos needed a little extra help, made it an easy decision to get behind Uplift and to sign up to their first inclusive program offering – No School Day Groups.

Posted Jan 18, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

Often visitors are happily surprised by the variety of Nordic opportunities available in Fernie. We are after all a small community however are a community that enjoys spending time in the beauty and nature that surrounds us. We are also fortunate to have hard working and dedicated organizations and volunteers who ensure these opportunities exist. For those looking for a little glide during your stay, here are your options.

Posted Jan 14, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

According to the Chinese Zodiac, also known as Shuxiang, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit… a year where the “sacrifices of the past are rewarded generously. All the seeds of effort we have sown shall finally bear fruit whose sweetness is determined by the purity of our heart’s content.”

Posted Jan 04, 2023 by Krista Turcasso

It is fantastic to see the events calendar continue to grow after a couple of years of being ‘at least six feet apart.’ Here are some of the highlights throughout the season, make sure to visit for more information and the full list of opportunities to choose from during your stay. 

Posted Dec 27, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Sometimes, I take on too much. (Okay, my family might say most times. But acknowledgment is the first step, right?) The holidays make it challenging for me to ignore this… habit? addiction? of mine, as I begin to feel increasingly overwhelmed with the list of things that need to get done, alongside the regular school / work / activity schedules.

Posted Dec 08, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

I was at a meeting this fall where I learned there are 14 homeless people living in the Elk Valley. While it was shocking, it was also believable. Not only has it become more visible, the housing crisis has been in the spotlight in the news, political campaigns, and in discussions around many tables across the province. But as we are all learning, there is no easy or one solution. 

Posted Dec 02, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

This time of year, we all tend to want to spread the love and support, not only because ‘it’s the season of giving,’ but also because we recognize the challenges and emotions that can come with the holidays. So, just how can we make an impact locally?

Posted Nov 18, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

As October comes to a close, I begin to feel a bit of a loss… for daylight, warmth and what feels like an abundance of time. Daylight Savings coming to an end November 6 doesn’t help. But I know, once I settle into the month, with its beautiful changing of seasons so obvious from town with the colours creeping up the mountainsides transitioning to snow dusted peaks, I’ll begin to feel the stirrings of anticipation creep in.

Posted Nov 17, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Over the last three and a half years, Brad Parsell has been the Executive Director at the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, supporting the business community and our community in general. We are sad to lose Brad, who has accepted a position as Executive Director with Tourism Tofino (well-done), not only a valued community member but also as one of our writers! 

Posted Nov 07, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

When I have the opportunity to travel, especially some place unique and special, I make sure to find something meaningful that will help me to remember the moments and memories created and shared. A keepsake, whatever the size or type, can be cherished for years and also can help us to tell our stories. Here are just a few items out there to consider, but we know you’ll find what’s just right for you!

Posted Oct 27, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

Tennis has been on the rise in Fernie (and beyond) thanks to a couple of individuals from the UK, passionate about the sport. Charlotte Willis started Fernie Tennis Coaching around 2010, and was instrumental in exposing our younger cohort to tennis through programming in schools and coaching all ages and levels. “This was the start of the junior tennis movement in Fernie,” says Lucy Harrup, who took over the business in 2019. 

Posted Oct 06, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

When presented with the theme of Comfort many of our columnists chose to discuss the importance of leaning into discomfort. And as was likely their aim, it made me pause and reflect. It may seem as though I am a leaner, spending so much time on my bike, pushing myself into challenging physical states and exposing myself to fear and risk. But the reality is, biking has actually become comforting. I know that minutes into a ride, even one that is undoubtedly testing my fitness or contains sections that terrify me, I will feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Posted Sep 29, 2022 by Krista Turcasso

With two candidates for Mayor, 14 for Council and three for Regional District Area A Director, it is going to be an exciting election season. We asked all candidates the same four questions in an effort to provide a fair opportunity to share their views and provide voters with one location to review these perspectives. It is important to recognize that this is but a snapshot – take the time to learn more about each candidate and consider attending the All Candidates Forum, October 4 at the Fernie Community Centre, in person or virtually. Presented by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, candidates will be presented with a few pre-submitted questions and there will also be an open-mic portion for the audience to ask questions that haven’t been discussed.