Christina Forsyth

Posted Apr 18, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

With the end of every ski season I find myself a little melancholy. Don’t get me wrong, birds chirping outside and sunshine peeking through the front window brings the excitement of getting on my bike!

Posted Mar 31, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

It’s after three days that I venture into town for a change of pace. And what a breathe of fresh air I find.

A trip to the Beanpod can only put a smile on your face and put a spring in your step. Besides the aromas and fantastic tastes there are many reasons to simply appreciate James and Mary …. and their daughter Leah for that matter! Her smiling face behind the till is a breath of fresh air in itself.

Posted Mar 20, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

medium_lineupA_0.jpgAs Calgary city folk by day and small town Fernie fans on the weekend we are often torn.

We get to Fernie and want to slow down and deeply breath in that fresh Fernie mountain air! Yet from time to time we find ourselves missing some big city conveniences.

Posted Feb 29, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

The Drive Home ...

Posted Feb 10, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

This past bluebird weekend opened my eyes to something interesting.

A few trips up the polar peak chair provided me with some incredibly stunning views and a feeling of having had an experience on the hill that was new and just plane exciting.

Posted Jan 30, 2012 by Christina Forsyth

I’m the first to admit that I am not the strong ‘investor’ in the household. But at the same time I do have ideas around cash, investments and where it might pay off or help others. I believe that any investment in the ski hill is a good one. In saying this, I find myself curious about the new Polar Peak lift and how the FAR team came to this investment decision.

Posted Jan 11, 2012 by Christina Forsyth


It is with a hint of sadness that I put away the Christmas decorations, hang up my skis and head back to Calgary for the week. Sure, it will be nice to get home and get back to work but I can’t help miss the fresh mountain air.

Posted Dec 27, 2011 by Christina Forsyth

Christmas in Fernie is magical, it’s that simple. The mountains, the snow, the lights, and the carolers on the street corner … the Christmas spirit is everywhere I turn. But what I love the most this season is the genuine desire from local business owners wanting to put smiles on faces of their Christmas shoppers.

Here is a little story about why (once again) I love and appreciate Fernie …

Posted Dec 09, 2011 by Christina Forsyth

As winter falls upon us and Christmas starts to linger in the air I know that the weekly Fernie commute is here. I’ve driven through winter white outs, unbelievable wind storms and multiple wildlife crossings. Yet I relish the drive. This weekly road trip is a time where I can talk with my kids and spouse at length … where we shape our future and begin to decompress after the work week. And before I know, it I am sitting by the fire, a glass of wine in hand feeling the Fernie buzz.