The Winter Commute… are we Calgary folk crazy?

As winter falls upon us and Christmas starts to linger in the air I know that the weekly Fernie commute is here. I’ve driven through winter white outs, unbelievable wind storms and multiple wildlife crossings. Yet I relish the drive. This weekly road trip is a time where I can talk with my kids and spouse at length … where we shape our future and begin to decompress after the work week. And before I know, it I am sitting by the fire, a glass of wine in hand feeling the Fernie buzz.

This drive has me thinking about why I relish the drive and it has everything to do with the destination … the humid climate, the biking, the skiing, the water, the local artists, the small town feel and friendly faces, never mind the incredibly delicious local eats …

December is officially here, I have prepped the car for the weekly winter commute, have hung up my fresh Christmas wreath (it is beautiful, thank you Green Petal) and will be back again next weekend!

Stay tuned for my new weekly blog posting with the Fernie Fix. I am looking forward to exploring the Calgary/Fernie parallel’s and sharing the Calafernien’s perspective … most importantly I am looking forward to your thoughts, responses and feedback!

See you on the slopes or maybe enjoying a latte at The Bean Pod!