Why Everyone Who Lives in Fernie Makes Everyone Else Jealous

While we don’t think we need to state the obvious, it’s kinda fun to rub it in...

The Views Fernie is perfectly picturesque, no matter the season. It’s easy to take it for granted while we live here, but remember people travel from all over the world to experience the beauty we enjoy, just outside our window. \ Up and Coming Food Town We have got variety here! In the last few years the restaurant scene has exploded in Fernie, now being home to unique shops such as Beanpod Chocolate and local favourites such as Yamagoya Sushi, Loaf and Livery Restaurant.


The obvious, Wake and Ride Do we really need to mention this one?

Crazy Snow!!!!.jpg

Other winter fun to be had: Dog Sledding, Cross Country Skiing, Snowmobiling…to name a few..



We love to party here, festivals and events are a huge part of the fun! From the Wapiti Music festival at the Annex Park to the Free annual Fernival event at Fernie Alpine Resort to taking in a Ghostriders game during the winter.


Wapiti Music Fest – Photo courtesy of the Wapiti Facebook page.

Did we forget to mention summer? Biking


White Water Rafting,


Hiking/Aerial Park/Zipline,


Do we really need to go on?

Regardless, Fernie is still and always will be a ski town at heart. For more information on all things Fernie, browse the Fernie Fix site, pick up one of the monthly editions or guide in town, or visit Tourism Fernie or Fernie Alpine Resort's web pages.

Just, Livin the Dream Photos by Henry Georgi and Hadleigh Thompson.