Victoria, BC's Jam Cafe

Recently I toured with my super group,The Death Ballad Love Tellers, featuring Victoria musician David P. Smith and Edmonton musician Ben Sures. We've been doing this project for three years and this year at the end of our February tour we recorded an album of handwritten Death Ballads in Victoria. This year's shows were especially good and the recording/ touring process was rewarding.

During the tour David P. and I decided to go on a self-created health regime (that Evil Mike had passed onto us) called a sausage cleanse. Essentially you eat as much sausage as you can daily for 20 days to rid your body of any incarnations or evil spirits. Over 20 days Mr. Smith and I consumed beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey sausage. Sausage is the finest creation known to mankind.

One of the sausage friendly establishments I frequented while recording in Victoria was this cool hipster diner on Herald Street called Jam Cafe. Their menu covered the spectrum of traditional breakfast mixed with cool new takes on morning food. Red Velvet pancakes, brioche french toast, green eggs and ham. The Three Pigs; three cooked maple sausages dipped in pancake batter and fried and served with maple syrup and fruit. Most excellent.

My personal favourite, Harrison Fernando ; A buttermilk biscuit topped with two sunny side up eggs, chorizo and our house sausage gravy. With a side of sausage that brings the 'S' count up to three. Main dish, sauce and side. This is the finest breakfast place I have found in Victoria so far. Highly recommended on regular basis or for those on a 20 day sausage cleanse.