The Twisted Fork in Vancouver, BC

Granville Street is littered with visual carnage. There are masses of every kind of folk wandering the concrete. The tweekers eating out of public garbage cans, street musicians, business people carried on the wings of a Jean Patou vapour trail. There is every kind of garbage and biodegradable substance from pizza husks to poodle shit.

The further south you wander down Granville the more peep show sex toy shops there are. These shops are set up all the same. Toys and lube in the front, peeps in the back. They advertise 25 cents to get in, but it actually costs $2. What you will find in the back behind the beaded curtain, no one knows for sure. As I have yet to brave the path down the dark fake wood panelled hall to the unfortunateness at its end, I cannot confirm or deny anything that may be back there…..One day maybe? Some of these shops have some interesting sex toys. Like all good technology new design, materials and power options have been applied to sex toy production. It is as awesome as it is disturbing. Hung beside a cute little number that looks like a robot rabbit is this enormous silicon arm with a Mike Tyson size fist at it’s end. WTF. Indeed. A device of nightmares. There were also some cool latex cat masks but I couldn’t find one to fit my head or I would have it on right now, while I type.

Nestled in this fantastic labyrinth of sex shopping, (there’s an excellent Donair place there as well) is Fernie’s slice of Vancouver, the Twisted Fork. My work takes me to Vancouver a lot. The Fork folks were once The Wood folks in hometown Fernie. About six or so years ago they decided to open a restaurant in Vancouver and take their staff with them.

I hardly miss a visit to this fine place when on the coast. It has transformed some over the years. It was once only a evening spot but after some experimentation with the brunches, it’s now become an all week brunch spot as well. Michael Leslie and Chef Corey Sullivan are still running the place. It is great to have somewhere to call home and meet old friends when across the province.The old Wood Bar and Buddha are there.

Everything on the menu is Most Excellent. Mussels, the Fernie Frites, Scallops and Bacon, Goat Cheese Tart, BC Duck, Tenderloin Skewers. Corey’s Watermelon Jam. The bones from all the lamb shanks I have consumed could be reconstructed to form a Bruhathkayosaurus. Rivers of dark beer have been poured, leaving me to stumble through the raunchy late night street, with a full belly and a smile on my face.

When in Vancouver dine at the Fork. Make it a tradition. Try and beat my record.