Trappers Saloon, Eureka Montana

Firstly, welcome to my Blog. We will be travelling together to places of culinary excellence, diners that offer that special plate of weirdness, taverns with mason jars of home pickled turkey gizzards, places dripping in booze infused barbecue sauce, tables where folks wait fork in hand with a tear of drool running down their chin while they wait patiently for that plate of deep fried goodness to arrive and stop their hearts. There will be calories incurred, and gallons of beer will be used to wash down the spicy wonders. Hop in the back seat, there will be butter, deep fryers, blue hair and arrests. Bring a cooler. Bring a gun.

There is no better place to start this journey but at the gateway to Montana where the big sky begins to open up and the mountains drool down from Canadian Rockies to the round hills of Lincoln County. Trapper's Saloon is one of the first taverns on Highway 3 a few miles from Eureka. It is a full service restaurant, bar and casino. It is an authentic looking western tavern complete with a serious collection of taxidermy, traps and other western trinkets. The bar is a long impressive chunk of wood working. I have dined and drank myself into oblivion several times in this establishment. Their arbitrary hard liquor pour has rendered me a blithering mess on several cold winter nights. It is designated driver mandatory land, wandering away drunk by foot will only lead to certain death and buzzard consumption.

The food at Trappers is a head above average pub gruel. The burgers are great and the prime rib beef dip is most excellent. They put bacon on your salad without asking, god bless'em. My resident hot wings expert gives Trappers hot wings a 9 out of ten on the face ripping, arse fire scale. Trappers has a good selection of draft beer and enough hard liquor to numb Andre The Giant. On weekends it's also an excellent location to observe authentic Calgarians getting fuelled up on light beer before they tow their Costco plunder back to Wild Rose country.