TransRockies 2011 - HIghlights

On the podium with Margie Smith, Dana Goodman's son, Claire and Simone at Rafter Six Ranch, Day 6

Yesterday morning I awoke in a panic, about to put on my bike gear when I suddenly realized, "I don't have to ride today. I'm done!" Yes, that's right. Angie and I have completed the TransRockies. In so many ways the experience exceeded any expectation, which says a lot since I had years to imagine what it would be like! Here's an overview of some of my highs (and lows) of the TransRockies 2011!

Day 1
- Finally beginning a journey that at one point I thought impossible.
- Tom Ryan keeping us cool by pouring water over our heads.
- Finishing in downtown Fernie, surrounded by our friends and family and discovering we had the fastest time in our category... what??
- Realizing I have a higher maximum heart rate!

- Hitting my new maximum heart rate. Ouch.
- Acclimatizing to the heat.

Day 2

- Surfing down Porky Blue
- Ending with Oh Dear!

- Roads. I hate roads.

Day 3

- Singletrack, singletrack, singletrack - my favourite day of the week.
- Picking up our pimp daddy RV in Canmore - thanks to the Furbers.

- A few "moaners" on the downhill, not too keen to let us pass.
Dem Bones, photo by Raven Eye Photography

Day 4
- The unknown aspect of biking new trails in K-Country.
- A short day to our new camp at Little Elbow.
- Finishing prior to hypothermia setting it.
- Margie Smith and Dana Goodman sharing their Make a Wish story with us at dinner. Two inspirational women we felt privileged to ride with - click on the link to learn more about this duo and help them reach their goal!

- Rain, hail, wind, mud, grindy gears...
- An unassuming "puddle" that lured me in and nearly swallowed my entire bike, which filled our shoes with black mud adding ten pounds to the rest of the ride! Fortunately it was followed by a very fresh river crossing.
Nearly at Little Elbow Campground, feeling... cold. photo by Raven Eye Photography

Day 5
- Biking in a couple of inches of hail - felt like November in Fernie.
- Rich waiting for us at the top of Pneuma, after he had passed a few of the leaders and was given the nick name "Fresh Legs".
- Riding trails built by Fernie's Luke and Henry of Backcountry Trail Experts.
- Making up a new tune.
- Switching jerseys with team Make a Wish!

- Losing all of my gel in the middle of a 6 hour ride.
- Realizing Cross Marks are not great in wet conditions, singing my new tune ("Slippery-Doo-Dah, Slippery-A, My oh my what a muddy day") and annoying myself.

Day 6
- Sunshine, what a difference.
- Powderface Ridge being far less difficult than we were told.
- Doug and Dan on course.
- The views from Jumping Pound Ridge.
- Flying down Cox Hill faster than I've ever gone before.
- Rich catching up to us heading down Cox Hill.
- 10km of downhill to the finish, where slushies and my sister were waiting for us.
- Angie getting a much needed hug from JK at camp.
- Watching Clint and Karen get married at Rafter Six Ranch.

- Angie reaching her breaking point after falling off a bridge... into a creek!
- My biggest crash into a tree, ever... going faster than I've ever gone before on Cox Hill. (Yes Paul, I should have only being going 80%... but it was too fun!)
The views from Jumping Pound, photo by Raven Eye Photography

Day 7
- Awesome trail along the highway to the Nordic Centre.
- Fun singletrack to the finish.
- My sister's dogs being interviewed by German Television... must see this footage somehow.

Um, it was the last day. There were no lows! Although I feel pretty lucky as I noticed last night that the sidewall of my front tire is blown with the tube sticking out...

Finish in Canmore, photo by Raven Eye Photography

The TransRockies is truly an experience of a lifetime and to have finally accomplished a goal I've been working towards for six years feels... I'm not even sure yet as it's so surreal. I was blessed with a positive, tough partner. We had the best support person a team could ask for. Our families, friends, co-workers and individuals we hardly know rallied around us with positive energy and genuine well wishes. And the riders we met along the way, especially Margie, Dana, Claire and Simone, made each day an adventure in itself. So thank you everyone, we literally couldn't have done it without you and feel very proud to be one of two Fernie teams taking away a win in the TransRockies this year! Big congratulations to Martin Vale and Carter Hovey, Fernie's Open Men winners, and to all riders that competed in this year's race.

Rich, our support for the final four days, driving the RV! Ole!

Official 2011 TransRockies TR7 Results (1st place full time, remaining teams' time difference from first.)
TR7 Open Men
1 Martin Vale (Can) & Carter Hovey (Can) Fernie AND Mat Haussener (Sui) & Damian Perrin (Sui) Zaboo Pro Team29 22:07:46
3 Travis Hauck (Can) & Brian Cooke (Can) Ryders Eyewear/Bicycle Cafe/Gerick Cycle 0:20:40
4 Nate Bird (USA) & Dax Massey (USA) Honey Stinger/Trek 0:24:39
5 Emmanuel Morel (Fra) & Juan Manuel Garcia Casatti (USA) Sojasun-Jctracing 2:02:29
6 Luke Way (Can) & Toby Roessingh (Can) Cycles Lambert/Ridley's Cycle 3:41:39
7 Timothy Gladysz (Can) & James Lewis (Can) Total Bs And A Dirty Hippy 6:34:47
8 Dan Janzen (Can) & Kent Dyck (Can) True Grit 6:40:43
9 Rumon Carter (Can) & Matt Barlee (Can) Tinhorn Creek / I2P 7:24:58
10 Jeremy Gackle (Can) & Matthew Mendes (Can) 8:38:16
11 Anthony Brichieri-Colombi (Can) & Paul Schapira (Can) Le Yeti 10:33:08
12 Chris Wicks (Can) & Wade Larson (Can) 10:49:52
13 Matt Pauli (Aus) & Ryan Myler (Aus) 13:15:55
14 Andrew Senn (NZl) & Brendan Campbell (NZl) 13:34:36
15 Stefan Mundt (Can) & Jay Averill (Can) Potlickers 2 13:43:37
16 Colin Hendriks (RSA) & Pieter Du Plessis (RSA) Bear Magnets 18:49:49
17 Mike Douglass (GBr) & Carl Panter (GBr) 26:37:10
18 Wesley Arthur (Can) & Vince Wickes (Can) Carbon Crashers 26:50:25

TR7 Open Women

1 Krista Turcasso (Can) & Angie Krasnay (Can) Fernie Fix 29:42:43
2 Simone Mccallum (Aus) & Claire Garcia-Webb (Aus) Shparkle Horsh And The Hypermonkey 1:52:20
3 Margie Smith (Can) & Dana Goodman (Can) Zach Attack/Make A Wish Foundation 2:18:46
4 Korrie Dubray (USA) & Yvonne Kraus (USA) 7:26:48
5 Pam Hauck (Can) & Seabird Urtasun (Can) 13:05:33
6 Jennie Sprigings (Can) & Lisa Munkley (Can) Champion Systems 20:15:36

TR7 Open Mixed
1 Ryan Schellenberg (Can) & Trish Grajczyk (Can) 26:44:59
2 Tom Zidek (Can) & Anna Carin Zidek (Swe) Bicycle Cafe Express 2:16:28
3 Simon Zahnd (Swi) & Yvonne Bürgi (Swi) Zaboo Team29 2:41:47
4 Julie Kelly (Can) & Steve Kelly (Can) Fernie Goats 3:46:32
5 Libor Oplt (Cze) & Karla Stepanova (Cze) Kona Cycling Point 4:06:08
6 Laura Anderson (USA) & Chris Alstrin (USA) Spidey Can't Be Flat 5:44:57
7 Eric Drolet (Can) & Sarah Owen (Can) 6:25:46
8 Nathen Weselake (Can) & Tamara Weselake (Can) Happy Anniversary? 10:58:42

TR7 80+ Men
1 Martin Horak (Cze) & Milan Spolc (Cze) 23:32:02
2 Geoff Clark (Can) & Devin Erfle (Can) Deadgoat Racing 0:28:15
3 Pat Doyle (Can) & Craig Bartlett (Can) 0:32:48
4 René Reidinger (Aut) & Axel Strauss (Aut) Integraglobal.Com 0:53:44
5 John Chambers (Can) & Eric De Nys (Can) Vevires Vires 3:22:19
6 Klaus Pauly (Ger) & Thomas Wöckener (Ger) Chesters Hofbräuhaus Buam 5:11:33
7 Stephen Davies (Aus) & Richard Paine (Aus) Think Global 5:13:34
8 Mark Butschler (Can) & Tim Loewen (Can) Tinhorn Creek / Nsa 5:47:01
9 Enslin Uys (RSA) & Bruce Biccard (RSA) 6:06:14
10 Andrew Nicholson (Can) & Steve Mccarthy (Can) 2 Behind Bars 6:27:55
11 Graham Ross (Can) & Mike Brooks (Can) 6:40:54
12 Trevor Warne (Can) & Ed Reynolds (Can) Potlicker 3 6:56:29
13 Danny Farnham (USA) & Martin Ross (USA) 8:04:03
14 Jp Pougiales (USA) & Derek Hodson (USA) 8:59:38
15 Darren Dyck (Can) & Jeffrey Forsyth (Can) The Mud Studs 9:19:22
16 Aydon Aspin (GBr) & Mark Goulsbra (GBr) Wherethelarwi 10:03:45
17 Lieven Bauwens (Bel) & Jan De Smet (Bel) E-Crane 10:06:17
18 Keith Nicoll (Can) & Mark Sherman (Can) Tinhorn Creek/Terra Design 12:03:52
19 Mark Millichip (GBr) & Richard Lloyd (GBr) Bitter And Twisted 12:11:07
20 Bjoern Langmack (Ger) & Noel Magermans (Ger) Dirty Deeds 12:48:43
21 Keith Byrne (Swi) & Klaus Saage (Swi) Team Kuk 14:54:32
22 Allen Liversage (RSA) & Francois Swanepoel (RSA) African Rangers 16:34:05
23 Adrian Turner (Can) & Paul Gamston (GBr) 27:30:00
24 Mark Almond (GBr) & Gordon Dickson (GBr) Team What Mountain Bike Red Cloud 31:49:21

TR7 80+ Mixed
1 Steve Walsh (Can) & Alana Heise (Can) 27:31:19
2 Marco Carrer (Swi) & Eva Carrer-Enz (Swi) Kraftwerk - Rockthisbike.Ch 0:24:16
3 Erika Krumpelman (USA) & Doug Krumpelman (USA) 0:51:16
4 Dennis Loebs (USA) & Sinead Fitzgibbon (USA) Bog Brook Bogmen 6:08:15
5 Cricket Butler (USA) & Brian Conroy (USA) Face The Danger 9:31:44
6 Thomas Miller (USA) & Karen Libsch (USA) Double Trouble 20:24:05

TR7 100+ Open Gender
1 Stan Magee (Can) & Jon Gould (USA) Team Rmcc Eastside Cycles 25:45:16
2 Joe Mccarthy (Can) & Randal Walker (Can) Mountaincruzers 4:26:06
3 Hans Swaans (Ned) & Frank Raschke (Ger) Joy Bike Oldies 5:25:26
4 Neil Evans (GBr) & Scott Calley (USA) Santa's Sacred Riders 6:14:31
5 Andy Aufschnaiter (Can) & George Andrew (Can) Astoria De'd Dogs Jasper 9:30:12
6 Jim Seethram (Can) & Simon Parker (Can) Aussie & The Stick Man 13:42:29
7 Rory Cattanach (Can) & Rob Wright (Can) 22:21:40

TR3 + TR4 Open Men

1 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona 20:27:58
2 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 0:00:33
3 David Gonda (Can) 1:43:43
4 Simon Tremblay (Can) 3:50:45
5 Ryan Draper (Can) 3:53:31
6 Raf De Bakker (Bel) 4:19:16
7 Yannick Bouet (Can) 6:56:18
8 Francois Millard (USA) 8:22:46
9 Jasper Van de Luytgaarden (Ned) 9:15:27
10 Marty Lazarski (Can) 10:17:25
11 Chris Bryce (Can) 16:26:13

TR3 + TR7 Open Women
1 Kira McClellan (Can) 32:30:23
2 Kris Norris (Can) 15:07:03

TR3 + TR7 40+ Men

1 Jeff Neilson (Can) 22:40:47
2 Lonn Bate (Can) 3:58:55
3 Craig Mclaren (Can) 4:54:55
4 John Clews (Aus) 4:56:21
5 Darren Withers (Aus) 5:46:52
6 Grant Christie (Can) Taniwha 7:23:13
7 Tim Schmidt (Can) 17:50:33
8 James Heelan (Can) 21:26:59
9 Neil Rhodes (GBr) 24:19:57