Toque by Twilight

The first time I entered the Arts Station, the building was across the tracks near some large poplar trees. It was boarded up abandoned and scary. Friends and I would scamper up the tree with packsacks full of stolen whisky and sawed off pellet guns. We'd crawl along the roof and enter through a broken window. After some some generous imbibing we would run about shooting at each other with our altered air pistols. If luck was on your side you'd escape without a pellet imbedded in the back of your head. If luck turned its back on you, you'd be bleeding in the back of a police car with a hole in your cheek. Ah, the good old days... stolen Wiser's Whisky, stubbies of Black label, Pilsner and total guilt free chaotic vandalism. Leather ties, mullets and Motorhead.

If you'd have told me back then that in 30 years I'd be dining on gourmet food in the bowels of the dilapidated, haunted fun-house I would have had trouble believing it. But here we are in 2013 dining at the Blue Toque's evening incarnation: The Toque by Twilight. As a regular patron and fan of Tanya and Ray's Blue Toque breakfast, I needed no prodding to try their new dinner menu, which is most excellent. I started with the coconut prawns with pineapple salsa and quinoa salad followed by the chicken ravioliloni- giant ravioli, shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and a ginger cream sauce. The wine selection is awesome and wine is only five dollars over cost which is a far cry from what normally happens in most fine dining establishments. The pumpkin cheesecake was most excellent as well. Get a reservation, go to the Toque by Twilight!

This Arts Station has been a haven for me for years. Whether listening to a great concert, looking at art, eating an amazing meal or getting shot in the face with a pellet gun.