Summer is over…. school's in session

I guess I knew that the day would come eventually. The first day of school, in Mexico. I had no idea whatsoever on what to except. I was nervous (obviously) but I was probably the most excited I have ever been about starting the new school year. I couldn't wait to make more friends and learn more Spanish. I can only speak for my school because just like Canada all schools are different and have different ways of teaching and values. I go to a private secondary school. We have to wear uniforms that for the girls involve skirts, vests, blouses and socks up to our knees. The rules are pretty strict but they aren't that different then my school in Canada. They are a lot more informed though and the expectations are higher. We must get our homework to the teacher before the begining of the school day everyday, even if we don't have their class. If we take out our phone (even at lunch) it will be taken away for the rest of the year. We are not allowed to leave the school grounds and our parents must pick us up after school. Our classes are 45 mins long and we have two small breaks for snacks in our 7:30-2:30 schedule. We call the teachers by their first names and they wear similar uniforms to us. 

I have made many discoveries about how teenagers hang out here and what the rules are. We are not allowed to walk or bike anywhere and we have to stay in places that have security if we are not with our parents. We can’t even leave the school grounds without our parents because it's dangerous. People don't hang out after school on weekdays because we are too busy with after school activities and our families. We hang out with friends Fridays after school and Saturdays, and save Sundays for family time. It may not seem like a lot of time with your friends (it didn't to me) but we always hang out in big groups with many people and go to parties every Friday and Saturday night. I am at the age of people turning 15 which in Mexico means going to a lot of Quinceñeras! These are parties for girls turning 15, and they are big and filled with music and dancing all night.

I don’t think the food here will ever get old! The homemade tortillas, barbacoa, gorditas, quesadillas, enchiladas, empanadas and so much more, I would take up pages trying to write about all of the amazing food I have tasted here. It's not as spicy as people think it is, it’s on an “add your own spice” kinda system so everyone can make their food to their liking. The combinations of snacks are crazy sometimes, like mixing chips, nuts, and fruit with chamoy into one big bowl of flavour. But it's all amazing.

I am on my 4th week of school and it's crazy how fast you get used to it. I have so many friends and am constantly making more. People here are so nice, welcoming and I feel at home 24/7. I hope that my Spanish keeps on improving and that I keep on making new memories.