Sugar vs Trans Fat

It all began with two hefty, yet delicious Christmas work parties and a night of wine & cheese, which saw the sugar vs fat intake score sitting at a high scoring tie.

13 all.

Saturday night however, sugar shot into the lead as I made a mere 10 dozen cookies for a friends' cookie exchange. Now Martha Stewart didn't exactly mention it in her recipes that I diligently followed to the stir, blend and dollop, but before I stepped foot in the exchange I'd broken records with my sugar intake. I was almost having sugar palpitations.

20 - 13 to Team Sugar.

Then of course I returned home with 10 dozen of my very own. Of course way better, which equates to way more glutinous than the ones I'd left with. Oh God.

25 - 18 Team Sugar. After all, let's not kid ourselves that cookies of such scrumptiousness are fat free.

And so continues the ongoing battle. Switching from fat to sugar and back again in but one easy step. I've subsequently decided to give up trying to calculate or care.

I'm officially a lost cause. Merry Christmas.