As with every country (actually everything), Mexico has its far share of stereotypes. Like all stereotypes, some flirt with the truth and some are very far from it. I am going to try to give my opinion on the stereotypes of Mexico or at least what I have experienced in the last two and a half months. So, not that big of a sample period but I kinda know what's going on.

There are many many doubts on the safety of Mexico. I found out the magnitude of this when telling people I was coming here. I don't really know how to comment on that because everyone who lives here has a different outlook on it and it depends a lot on where you live as well. My host family and the people we are friends with are very cautious of this and so are the majority of people I have met in Mexico. We aren’t allowed to walk outside unless we are in a place with security. Almost all of the public places here have security, even the party's we attend have security guards at the front gate to observe who is entering and exiting. So, obviously these precautions are being taking for a reason and I have heard many many stories of terrible things happening even with all of the rules in place. People here are very cautious and know how to keep themselves and their family safe and happy.

There is a very big gap between the wealthy and poor in Mexico. The part of the city you live in, what school you go to, who you are friends with, what party’s you go to, even the malls you shop at is dependent on how much money you (or your family) has. This was really hard to get used to because the gap in Fernie isn't that noticeable to me (if it is noticeable to you… I'm 14 and don't make any money so I don't know what I’m talking about). I didn't know how to respond to the question, “Do you have lots of money?” Like, to who's standards? I also had to have people explain to me why we don't go to certain malls, or certain neighbourhoods, or why we don't hang out with kids from certain schools. It seems really harsh, I thought so at least. But this is how things are done here, it's the system that Mexico works on and we have to respect it (it's not that hard to get used to).

I have been asked, and I know other exchange students who have been asked, about drugs in Mexico, and that whole situation. Well… I honestly can’t comment because I have nooooo idea. I have not seen any drugs at all, nada.There is alcohol at parties and I have heard of people in older grades trying weed but that's it. Sooooo, you would have to ask someone else, jajaja.

Those are just a few of the Mexican stereotypes that I have noticed. Mexico is a very big and diverse country which means these are not at all facts and are just what I have seen in a short 2.5 months at the young age of 14. I am still loving Mexico and am excited to see what happens next and what adventures I come across.