A rainy week …

It’s after three days that I venture into town for a change of pace. And what a breathe of fresh air I find.

A trip to the Beanpod can only put a smile on your face and put a spring in your step. Besides the aromas and fantastic tastes there are many reasons to simply appreciate James and Mary …. and their daughter Leah for that matter! Her smiling face behind the till is a breath of fresh air in itself.

It was January 2011 when I first heard a rumor that a chocolatiere and a barrista were opening up a chocolate and coffee shop in town. I was both thrilled and curious. So I got in touch with James and Mary and while I got an educational tour of their facility I found an opening to have them meet the Fernie Alpine Ski Team families. While James and Mary were in the midst of opening their new baby they kindly donated “A Night at the Beanpod” to the local ski club’s fundraiser. This night at the Beanpod was an after hours tasting for ten couples where you would learn all about the process - from beanpod to bonbon.

I was lucky enough to be one of the invited and I got to sit back, enjoy the oh so delicious chocolate while learning even more than I did on my original tour at the Beanpod.

I could rave about them as people and small business owners all day long but I have to mention the obvious. Mary is a true talent. There are bonbons in their display that I would glaze over (heading straight to the peanut butter & jelly). But every now and again I am offered a sample of a new flavour and honestly it ALWAYS surprises me. Lavender, honeycomb, passion fruit, Chinese five spice are just some of the flavours that do a little dance in your mouth that leave you wanting more. Mary’s ability to make a delicious bonbon is obvious but her flavour combinations are stellar.

Thanks you James and Mary for loving what you do and setting the bar far and above. And I can’t forget your unwavering support of the local ski club.