The new lift ...

I’m the first to admit that I am not the strong ‘investor’ in the household. But at the same time I do have ideas around cash, investments and where it might pay off or help others. I believe that any investment in the ski hill is a good one. In saying this, I find myself curious about the new Polar Peak lift and how the FAR team came to this investment decision.

Let's start with what this exciting new lift adds to the hill experience ... It definitely buys a gorgeous tag line that we can use to sell Fernie, "longest vertical in the Rockies" or “ski the peak”. And we all know that a clear day on the top of Polar Peak is amazingly beautiful and the photos posted on FAR's website reflect this beauty.

It's rumored that the lift cost somewhere around the 2 million dollar mark. So I have to ask the question ... If you had that kind of cash to invest in the hill where would you invest it? What kind of ambiance and experiences could you create with a couple million?

If the new lift does help the Fernie patrollers control snowfall and avalanches better than this is truly fantastic and a worthwhile investment.

I am consequently curious about one more thing. Who sits on the investment or development committee for FAR? Are there any women? Were there discussions about a new daylodge vs. a new lift? Or an improved Bear’s Den vs. a new lift?

I am sure a lot of discussion, research and planning went into the Polar Peak chair lift venture. I just can’t help but find myself thinking about the investment factor.

What’s your take?