MickDuff's, Sandpoint Idaho

The burger ring map I am creating has designation rings for up to 7 hours of driving time from Fernie to the particular purveyor of the acclaimed burger. I have gotten in my car and driven up to 7 hours to eat a great burger. I love the road and good burgers. The current winner in the 3-4 hours burger ring is the Brewer's Burger at MickDuff's in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Sandpoint is a 3 hour and 19 minute drive from the home compound. Located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced pond-o-ray). Birthplace of Walt Disney's wife Lillian, Mark Fuhrman and (no shit) Sara Palin. David Lynch spent two years here as a child. Litehouse Salad Dressing is made here. It is a friendly town with some excellent shops and some good places to dine.

MickDuff's was opened in 2006 by brothers Mickey and Duffy Mahoney. Located at 312 North First Avenue. Hand crafted brew pub, excellent food and an Idaho renowned trivia night. The Brewer's Burger is a masterpiece. Kobe beef with bacon, fresh jalapenos, cheddar cheese and avocado. Upgrade your fries to gorgonzola crisscut and welcome to burger nirvana. Most excellent. Wash it down with a countless selection of hand crafted beer, brewed on location.

When a Brewer's Burger craving hits a person they will experience an increase in burger dreams involving a backwards talking dwarf dining with O.J Simpson. Dreams will only subside after dining at MickDuff's. While in Sandpoint make sure to pick up a can of bear mace and some brass knuckles from the Big R, in the event you should have a Sara Palin sighting.