The Mental Side of Racing

Day one of the Furious3 with Magnus Leckenby on my tail.

It was the night before the TransRockies, and Aaron McConnell (event organizer) was doing a "last call for race entries". He was counting down from five, and I reached him right as he said "the 2012 TransRockies is now closed!" I pleaded my case, and being Aaron he signed me up.

I scrambled that evening to prepare myself, a little worried as I didn't know the route. I had heard Pat Gilmar set a new course, to some cabin out towards Lodgepole Road. The start was taking place on Pine Avenue alongside the Aquatic Centre, and when I arrived I had to stand at the back as was the last one there... then I realized I needed something from Straightline. I asked my friend Erin Armstrong to hold my bike. "I'll be right back!" When I returned, they were all gone. I sprinted out after them, only to discover my seat post kept slipping. At the first check stop, I asked for a tool to fix it and they didn't have one. It was then I wished I was dreaming.

Then I woke up. Wow, that was the worst pre-race nightmare I have ever had... worse than those nightmares in university when you're late for an exam, don't have a pencil, etc. I thought about its meaning, and realized it must be my subconscious telling me that my current "strategy" is ridiculous. I have not signed up for the Furious3 or TransRockies, in an attempt to trick myself into believing I could take it or leave it. Obviously not!

Ironically this winter I was forced to make a decision - Salty Dog: Yes or No! Angie Bryans, my TR partner from last year, posted on Facebook that she had signed up and that it was selling out. I've never done a 6 hour enduro, so texted Kim Shopland to see if she was keen to be on a team. No response, and only a few spots left - done. May race it is.

Now it's May. It's been raining a lot. The race is in four sleeps. My longest ride to date is 3.5 hours. It's supposed to be +27 in Salmon Arm this Sunday. I've only been riding my new Giant XTC (29er hard tail) for one week. Yup, this is going to be interesting!

Honestly though, there are pros to signing up for such an early race. Angie and I agreed that we're both a month ahead in comparison to last year... and that was a big year! With the amount of snow and rain we've had, it has also made me get out of town and try biking in different areas - which has been amazing. Plus this is my first "away" event, and with such a large Fernie contingency the support and enthusiasm is going to be awesome. All in all, I'm looking forward to it and am sure I will have some great stories to share.

I haven't signed up for any other races as of yet, but recognizing the problem is the first step. Right?

Shopping Local Rocks

I rode for Straightline in the Furious3, as a thank you for the amazing support and advice I receive on a regular basis. I can't stress enough the benefits of shopping local - regardless of the shop.