Local's Report - January 16, 2012

At long last - SNOW! And lots of it. Fernie was buzzing this last week and the excitement continues with promising forecasts. While cold temperatures may accompany this next storm, not even -25 will deter powder enthusiasts.

It all began Monday evening, and late into the night when a "sneaky 17" made its way onto the slopes of Fernie Alpine Resort. Being the beginning of January, and the middle of the week, the hill felt like a personal playground to those that used the "10-20cm rule" card. And they were not disappointed - empty runs, surfy hero snow at their disposal...

Robin Siggers took this video January 10, 2012 at Fernie Alpine Resort with skiers Erin Summers of Giv'Er Shirt Works and Rusan Pask, teacher and mom

Back to work for a few days, most were preparing for a busy weekend of snowfall, lift opening, celebrations and recovery. Snow was on the way, and we were happily greeted with fresh snow Saturday morning, and while it may have not been 17cm, it added to the pow and kept snowing throughout the day. Heavy wind Friday made for some great skiing on certain aspects, and not so great on others. Once you figured out the pattern, it was deep and effortless, and you knew it was only getting better.

Sunday was another beauty with everything filling in and all aspects skiing beautifully. Some believe the New Side to be where it was at, others the Old Side. Regardless, smiles were contagious at the hill and it was hard to get back to business this morning.

We woke to -20 temps this morning, and a fresh dusting. Temperatures are trending colder this week, but more snowfall is on the way! Tomorrow may be another day to pull your 10-20cm rule card... if you have one!
Picture 2_8.png
Mountain Weather forecast from Fernie Alpine Resort

Picture 3_5.png
Environment Canada has a similar forecast - bring it on!