Local's Report: December 7, 2012

So, this photo was taken yesterday! Then it snowed another 32cms.

I'm guessing you get where I'm going with this. Sure, the base below that 32 (++++ as it's still puking) centimetres highlights some stubborn alders in areas, and roots or logs in others but just be careful. Don't charge like it's February, and you'll enjoy every face-shot and effortless turn that you make. I managed to squeeze in a few runs, and was fortunate to run into some ski patrol friends that pointed me in the right direction. First, along the rope line in Cedar (just off the ridge). This was soft and beautiful for the first run of the season, with great coverage. I looked up at King Fir and there were quite a few alders and people trying to navigate their way down. Next, it was Linda's Run. So worth it - deep deep snow, but needed to check my speed as there were alders and also a huge rut to cross at the bottom. Then it was on to one of my favourite runs - PS I Love You. From experience, I know the alders here are easy to navigate and a bit more forgiving so gave it a go and it was lovely. Caution: there is a bit of gully crossing over to the path out. After taking the Bear Chair again, I traversed across Lizard Bowl, noticed the lovely snow in Easter (still closed), and skied the rope line all the way down. Very deep as well. Overall, I would say I was once again happily surprised at how big a difference 24hrs can make in this little ski town. I have a feeling 48hrs is going to be even better... PS. They are opening the new side tomorrow. Fact.


Nick Nault Photo - Dec 7, 12 

Photo by Nick Nault at Fernie Alpine Resort, December 6, 2012