Local's Report - April 27, 2012

Over the last week I have been skipping the roads and the Wigwam and exploring in town. Here is what I've found so far!

River Road is good to go, and adds more climbing to your ride than Cokato to Morrissey or Elko.

There are some trails in Ridgemont ready to roll including Cemetery Bypass, Bypass Extension (to the right), Scary Trail, What's Up Doc, Sidewinder and part of Eco Terrorist. The road is also good, less that one corner between the bottom of Eric's Trail and its entrance. And, for you keeners looking for a lung buster try Bear Chutes from the bottom! You'll be in bike shape in no time after a couple of laps.

Mad Cow
is mostly clear of snow.

Dem Bones - haven't been there yet, which is surprising as it's usually where I ride first! Someone go explore for me while I'm away this weekend (and after the rain falls).

Now the sad news. I rode the powerline from the Coal Creek Barn to the entrance of Roots. Oh. My God. I knew the golf course sold the lumber rights on its property, but had no idea to what extent. It's hard to recognize where you are!

The last signs of "Beer Run" on the Powerline.

It got even worse once I was on Roots.

I kept on climbing over trees and whatever else was left behind as I had heard Uprooted was in good condition. Once I reached the new River Road, Roots was all good, as was the bottom of Hyper Ventilation. The entrance to Uprooted and that entire top section was still covered in snow. I hiked through it, and rode the super fun and flowy trail until once again I hit the impacts of logging - where Uprooted turns left and Roots continues to the right. It's a mess all the way to the bottom. I feel so badly for Mitchy and others that put so much work into this amazing trail! I didn't take any photos as was just trying to get outa there.

Hope you are all enjoying getting back on your bikes! Please let us know what trails you've been riding, and remember the GOLDEN RULES:

- Never ride when it's wet.
- If you come across wet sections, ride THROUGH puddles not around them.
- As Henry says, ride don't slide - avoid using your back brake heavily when descending, especially through wet sections.
- Carry a hand saw and remove small trees when you can. If you can't, inform the Mountain Bike Club or Trails and Ski Touring Club to help with their spring trail cleanup.
- Work party Wednesdays are already underway, and they can always use a hand :)