Local Shopping Ideas - Part 1

After the popularity of the list I put together of some of my favourite gift ideas found locally last Christmas, I thought it would be fun and hopefully helpful to do it again this holiday season! Here is part one of this list, with more goodies to follow. And of course, there are so many amazing gifts available in this town, this list just highlights some of my personal favourites. Enjoy!

1. Danica Shoulder Bag. It's not surprising that I fell for this bag. I mean, just take a look at the pattern. Being the bike enthusiast I am, plus a bit of a gong show, I thought this not only reflected my personality but also was proactive in preserving my technical gadgets... as it's waterproof! There are various sizes, purposes, and patterns available. I purchased mine at the Green Petal.


2. Basket of Wellness. It's winter, with dark and dry conditions and cold and flu strains making the rounds. I love having my favourite health products on hand especially this time of year, and think that a basket of wellness from either the Good Earth or Cottonwood Tree would make a thoughtful gift this year. Personally, I am a huge fan of coconut oil for staying moisturized, and probiotics, elderberry and oil of oregano or an anti viral tincture for arming against nasty colds and flus.


3. Dark and Stormy Nights. You must balance the good with the bad, right? One of my favourite vacation spots over the last few years is a small Bahamian island where I fell in love with a popular local drink: the Dark and Stormy Night! Buy a bottle of tasty Jamaican rum and some spicy ginger beer, wrap with a bow, perhaps add a couple of tumblers to the ensemble and you have yourself a festive gift!


4. Surly Pugsley. I don't have one, but I am sure I would seriously enjoy riding this beefy bike on my favourite trails over the winter months. Maybe by including it on this list I have put it out to the Universe (as they say you should) and it will be added to my quiver in the future. Regardless, the biker in your life will be thanking you all season long after discovering this gem under the Christmas tree! The one I have been eying up is currently available at Straightline. Just saying...


5. Punch Card and Yoga Mat. After all that winter biking (or skiing, snowshoeing, etc.) your loved one may need a little something to balance them out. A punch card and yoga mat at their favourite studio or gym is a great idea, I personally use Essential Yoga (helps that it is literally a block from both my house and office) but Vitality and Evolution both offer great yoga and a variety of other classes as well.


6. Ombre colour and cut. This one is for the boys - the gal in your life spends a lot of money at the hair salon. And a lot of time. A gift certificate to their favourite salon for a cut and a colour, or even a style, would go a long way and be oh so thoughtful. I am a lucky girl as my mom is a hairdresser at ET Hair Salon, but there is an array of shops out there from Sparrow to Blue Lime to Mirror Images.


7. Photo art. There are so many amazing photographers in this town, and such beautiful scenery for them to work with. Last year I sent this photo by Raven Eye Photography to a good friend of mine. I ordered it on their site, on a beautiful canvas, and they shipped it directly to them! Other photographers offer similar services so pick your favourite shots and get ordering :)


8. Raclette Set - it's so hot right now. Have you tried to book a trip to Birch Meadows for raclette lunch or dinner date and discovered they are fairly booked? Well, you're in luck. You can purchase your very own set at Le Grand Fromage in downtown Fernie, and host a Christmas party with your friends. Or, put it under the tree and host a New Year's fiesta!


9. Personalized T-Shirt. Get creative, and down to Giver Shirt Works. They create awesome iron-ons with a multitude of choices. You can also bring in your specific ideas, including photos, logos, phrases, and the like.


10. Foam Roller. Not everyone is grateful for the gift of the foam roller, but over time they will be. These painful devices also alleviate pain, roll out those tight IT Bands, glutes, quads and back muscles. I don't think I could be as active as I am without mine and over time you get used to the dreaded IT Band roll.