It's all just Balls

Next up, balls. Big, bouncy, sweaty balls of gold. Thanks to Paul and his slightly unrealistic aim to spread steel cores throughout Fernie, I've become one of the crazies, clambering over people to bag a ball and get crunching. It's an interesting hour, where at times I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, but due to the apparent serious nature of attaining a core of steel and the effort I put in just trying to secure my ball (about 10 times harder than securing a place on a stationery bike), I try my best to hold it together and play my poker face. As well of course trying to hold my stomach in to avoid my floppy mid-drift to become the focus of Paul's encouraging comments. Again. I work in a brewery, it's unavoidable.

But an hour of grimacing and stomach clutching later, comes the best bit about Tuesday nights. Curling up on the couch with a large glass of wine and The Biggest Loser. No, not Mike. It's ironic that a dramatic and often horrific weight loss show leads me to crave bad food and alcohol, but after an hour of ball bouncing I deserve some sort of tasty accompaniment to some fine TV no?. Where once the entertainment was large people falling off treadmills, it has now become a game of tactics, challenges and crazy weight loss as the final looms.

And tonight is the makeover episode, which will result in guaranteed tears. From me. And the shrinking people. And possibly even Mike. All I can say is, bring on the final and those skinny jeans! Worth a watch for sure and please all mentally support the slightly miserable and odd, but the most ass-kicking female, Ada - Tonight, 9-11pm on NBC.