I thought I lived in Canada?

Perhaps Oatmeal Crisp sells better by a British Father locking himself in his car? Which I think he does by the way to escape his daughter who has the most annoying accent of all time. Cheerios too must fly off the shelves with the tedious British couple arguing over her weight.

Of course Old Navy too hit up the British train with their 'Parti-Cardi' last Christmas - an accent that my partner described as highly annoying simultaneously to some kind friends declaring they thought it sounded just like me. Bloody brilliant. And last but not least, the Geico gecko and his north of England accent - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip5VOv92bC8. He's cute but he really doesn't help me dispel the myth that all us Brits do is talk about the weather and drink tea.

Please bring back the eh's and awesome's, all is forgiven.