I finally live in a country that wins!

I'm afraid, over the years, I've become rather used to and good at reasoning excessive sporting loss, joining the rest of the British nation in declaring "oh well, maybe next year".

The prime example of course is Tim "Daz Commercial" Henman, the nice posh boy who was as good at acting as he was at tennis. But while the delightful British press tore him to shreds, I chose, like many to believe that at some point he was going to dominate Federer at Wimbledon. Or not.

Another classic disappointment was football ("soccer"), where we endlessly lived through World Cup promises that "England has the team of the tournament". I'm not entirely sure what our team was equipped for, as it wasn't winning. But not knowing that much about football, other than you're not allowed to pull your shirt over your head if you score a goal and proudly being able to recite the off-side rule, I chose to remain quiet and instead nurse my warm pint through the losses. I drank a lot of pints.

But now, here I reside in the winning corner of Canada. A much smaller nation than the UK, spread across a mass of land, filled with small villages dominated by ice rinks and Tim Bits who can out skate me. And I've decided I like this feeling of not having to falsely declare imminent victory, but instead resting peacefully knowing that our chances are genuine and our talent is present and correct.

With 1:06 to go of Canada vs USA, I've never felt so darn Canadian eh. Although the British could teach them how to chant - I hear there is the best chant to date at the Ashes, (to the tune of 'We all line in a Yellow Submarine'), directed at the Aussies: "You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony,........." Sorry Aussies, but that is hilarious.