How I'ved passed a rainy, injury induced June

Recovering from a running injury (yes, that's correct - running injury. don't get me started) alongside rainy, grey weather can really put a "damper" on one's mental state of mind. So how have I pushed through this double whammy? Here's a quick list!

Gardening. Who knew it could be so rewarding! I have herb planters that are thriving with the additional attention they are receiving, and my garden is budding into a soon-to-be edible masterpiece... at least by my standards.

Not surprising, I am loving new albums by some of my favourites including Metric's Synthetica and Edward Sharpe and the Magnificant Zeros Here. Check, this song out!

Man On Fire

Before I fell so hard for mountain biking, I used to spend time keeping my body in balance by strengthening and stretching - what a concept. I've found myself back at Evolution and Essential Yoga Studio, and loving feeling strong in more places than my quads!

Downton Abbey. Oh my goodness, we put back two seasons in a week. Seriously. And now the third season isn't coming out until January of 2013? NOOOOOO!

Family. I have been spending more time at my parent's house lately and hanging with my nana. It's amazing how much time is spared when you're not trying to squeeze in rides, or thinking about squeezing in rides!

Setting goals. Typically I have races set up as my summer goals. The void has allowed room to consider other opportunities and it's been fun and also challenging setting new ones.

Last but certainly not least, enjoying fine wines. I have (or should I say 'had') a couple of bottles that I've purchased on various trips, waiting for a worthy occasion. Well, I've managed to find a few. And they were worth the wait.

Summer is officially here, and I can say with confidence that I am not alone in anticipating its warm, sunny days!