Foot Pampering at Spa 901

Like many in our community, I bike a lot. My feet are often found in tight, plastic shells in all types of weather - freezing cold, wet and muddy, hot and clammy... the result is not pretty. And this is me justifying my need to "pamper" them regularly.

One of my good friends finds herself in similar shoes, but her shoes are made for running... running long distances throughout the year, up mountains, on roads... you get the picture. Unlike me, she has shied away from foot pampering as didn't want to offend (I also discovered she is quite ticklish).

It only made sense then that when the Spa 901 opening coincided with her birthday, we were meant to hit it up. Plus I felt compelled to learn more for our devoted readers... to take one for the team so to speak ;)

Prior to our appointment, I met Spa 901 owner and operator Shelly Macgregor and received a full tour of the incredible space, moving from room to room, or treatment room to lounge space to the large outdoor hot pool to changing room to infrared sauna... and that was just the downstairs.

Having previously been downstairs while attending Fernie Secondary School I was impressed at the transformation. While it's compartmentalized, as the exposed brick walls are supporting, this creates distinctive character in my mind, and also creates nostalgia for those that attended or visited FSS.

Having completed the tour, I sat with Shelly and learned more about her background. From Calgary originally where she owns and operates two massage therapy clinics (Apex Massage), Shelly and her husband are like many that live in Fernie... working hard to enjoy experiences. The couple have travelled around the world and time and time again visited Fernie. It was on one of these trips, working at the Furious3 with Apex Massage, that the duo found an opportunity here - through 901 Fernie. And needless to say they went for it.

"People here are amazing. They want to help you get your business off the ground," Shelly said in regards to her reception.

Tour completed, it was time to head upstairs where I was met with side by side massage chairs next to large windows with beautiful views. Abi and I sipped our cucumber water, while she refrained from giggling. Our feet never looked better (tip: choose dark nail polish to cover black toenails) and we left in our spa sandals, ready for next time... perhaps one of the treatments downstairs that allow access to the lounge, sauna and mineral pool. Now we're talking!