Five Fernie, BC Facts that are Indeed Awesome

1. First Things First
Now you may not have been to Fernie, BC, Canada. You may not have even heard of it, but it is, one of the most awesome ski towns you will ever visit. Fact. Fernie was voted ‘Coolest Ski Town in North America” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

2. Let’s get one thing Straight
Fernie is known for big snow and big vertical. While you can learn in the base area and beginner terrain, Fernie is home to the infamous Polar Peak chairlift. The signs at the top remind you, if you aren’t an expert, you have no business being there. Don’t. Fall.

3. You Don’t Even Understand.
Fernie is so high up you can ski above the clouds. And it might just be the closest you can ever come to standing on top of the world. Seriously!

4. Don’t quite have the ski thing down?
Maybe other activities are more your thing. Fernie is packed with local ski bars, unique small town artisans and is home to a delightful spa selection. Ahhhh

5. Seriously, retro
Fernie is one of the filming locations of Hot Tub Time Machine, and is known for its epic retro parties and free concerts.