Fishnets, Shoulder Pads & Big Hair

It's Christmas week and with it brings a host of excitement. Such as parties, dancing, high heels and letting a little loose. Sometimes that looseness causes you to perhaps dance a little more enthusiastically, tell a few stories that you'd previously thought highly inappropriate and for some, sing a little louder.

For me however, it makes me want to be Cher. The Cher of incredible voice, fishnets, shoulder pads and gun straddling fame. Not sure why, but there must be something in the air at this time of year, as I swear every night I could hit up some fine karaoke action.

I am however more of a scream/shouter type of singer. Then add in a few fun time beverages and I start to incorporate an untimely step move and really try to wow the audience. I've a long way to go before I accomplish Cher greatness, but this won't stop me trying.

Here's my aim. Minus the unfavourable leotard.