Fernie Nacho Tour - The Parkplace Pub


A group of Fernie residents decided to head out this winter and try all the nachos on offer in Fernie to discover who has the best nachos! Using the same criteria to judge each plate, the Parkplace Pub is the third stop on the tour and so far they have received the best rating!

Nacho Criteria and Point System: 1-5 ( 5 best)
Taste. 3.5
Amount of cheese 5 (double layered)
Sides included 4 (guac/sour cream/salsa)
Quality of sides 3.5
Toppings 3


The most impressive part of the Pub nachos was the amount of cheese and how well it was all melted into the tortillas! They were a decent size , however the only improvement we would suggest would be more toppings. There were a few olives, green onions and banana peppers, mainly on top.

Overall quite enjoyable!