Dining in Sparwood

On a rainy May night I find myself slowly driving with friends along highway three towards Sparwood. To dine….Yup to dine. For those who have experienced Sparwood's culinary offerings the idea of gathering friends to dine in the land of the large green truck may seem a wee absurd. To be fair, ol’ Sparwood has some dishes worth trying. The Clam Chowder at the Causeway Bay, the Smorg at the Arrowana, the Taco Pizza at Funky’s, are all decent and worthy. I am a passenger tonight, which is rare, so I have loaded up on Ripasso. I have a nice mellow wine buzz and am enjoying the drive, the herds of elk and am anticipating the meal ahead. In Sparwood….Yup.

We roll into Centennial Square in Sparwood to Funky’s, but not for the Taco Pizza. Tonight Funky’s has been transformed for a fine dining event. Master Chef Canadacontestant Danielle Cardozo has taken over her Dad’s restaurant for a five course dining extravaganza. It is the second of these evenings, the first occurring about a month earlier. Last time the meal featured dishes from her work on the TV program Master Chef Canada.

Tonight’s meal consisted of different dishes, a carrot soup, lentils smuggled from Israel and some kick ass pork prepared in a Sous Vide. Most excellent. Danielle is an extremely talented chef and it is understandable why she made it onto Master Chef Canada.

We dined like kings. Drank all their wine. Jumped back in the truck and marvelled at what had just occurred. Who would have seen that one coming?

Way to go Sparwood. There is hope. I pray these dinner events continue. Some natural evil in the universe has been reversed.