Diggs' Big Day

It was a big day yesterday in our house. Diggs, of Dog & Blog fame, turned the grand old age of 12. Which is 84 in human years. That is a big deal for anyone, whether you have two legs or four.

So, as you would with any geriatric on their big day we gave out endless praise along the lines of "oh no, you haven't aged a bit!", helped him pick out his best & favourite outfit (which was a distinguished gold bow tie), took him for a stroll (with tie) and then gave him pretty free range of the treat tin (which resulted in many trips to the bathroom and some noticeably horrendous bouts of milkbone gas). Just like anyone who's 84.

Probably a little over the top, but he deserves it. And at least we didn't go as far as this nutter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIsKNGsi-3s. Check out the expression on poor Willie's face when his deranged Dad is singing to him. Although I have to admit, the handing out of presents is pretty cute.

Maybe next year Diggs.