A Chat with Emily Brydon in Shanghai, China

“The farther from the mountains the stronger the mountain spirit voices call.”
“The farther from the mountains the stronger the mountain spirit voices call.”

 How I love the first flake of snow to fall on my face each winter or the calmness that the mountains and skiing brings me.

Some may question my choice to relocate to Shanghai, the land of few mountains, excessive pollution and a city population 75% to that of the total Canadian population – I know that I did have those fleeting thoughts but this became my rationale. Whether my life is on the mountain, in a city, working or playing I have always been driven by the desire to push myself, overcome fear and achieve the unachievable. I truly believe that you learn more about yourself during times of stress and unknown than at any other time. To stretch oneself is to grow and evolve and I have a never ending desire to do so. How else do we know our limits? Or what satiates us?

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Now, back to the mountains. If you are like me, you are unaware that there are in fact ski resorts in China – north of Beijing to be precise. Upon realizing this hidden fact I realized that China wouldn’t be so bad after all. Add to that, the fact that Hokkaido (a northern Japanese island) and powder meca of the eastern hemisphere is only a 2hour flight away. It is time to discover new mountains – new ski cultures – and Japanese powder; if only at the end of the day to remind myself of how great we have it back in Fernie and the Rockies.

Snow unites people. The community of people who love snow are often skiers and tend to be like-minded, fun and adventurous people who are scattered around the global but united by the love of mountains and snow.

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I can’t wait till December 19 when I board my flight back to Fernie, the place that makes me feel like home no matter how long I have been away. I sit on the edge of my seat awaiting my first breath of mountain air, my first face shot of powder, and the first run down the epic Fernie terrain. Born a mountain girl – Always a mountain girl.

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