Canterbury Trail - Officially Launched!

Last night was an exciting evening for Angie Abdou, launching her latest novel The Canterbury Trail. Angie's husband found a way to make it even more entertaining, with his own version of a book launch!
Marty Launching The Canterbury Trail

Angie was beaming as she socialized and signed countless copies of her book, making sure to chat with each and every one of her 80 + guests!

Shred Kelly played their newest song entitled "Coalton", inspired by The Canterbury Trail bringing tears to Angie's eyes and showcasing even more Fernie talent.

The crowd continued to enjoy the live entertainment and refreshment while celebrating alongside Angie. These few in particular may have inspired certain attributes of characters in The Canterbury Trail...

Overall it was an amazing evening and we couldn't be more proud or excited for Angie and her success. The Fernie Fix is lucky to have you on board Angie, you're an inspiration.