Big city meets small town …?

medium_lineupA_0.jpgAs Calgary city folk by day and small town Fernie fans on the weekend we are often torn.

We get to Fernie and want to slow down and deeply breath in that fresh Fernie mountain air! Yet from time to time we find ourselves missing some big city conveniences.

Surprisingly, we often find ourselves in line-ups. Standing in line at Yamagoya in order to get a table, having a drink upstairs in The Curry Bowl while waiting for a table, waiting in line at Big Bang for breakfast ... Don’t get me wrong, each and every one of these line ups are absolutely worth the wait. But we Califernians have an idea or two … how about a ‘pre-paid’ line that helps us to get a 9am start on the hill?

You see, we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy weekday skiing so we are keen to hit the hill first thing and love skiing the day away. Getting off the hill at 4pm to get to Yamagoya or The Curry Bowl for 4:45 is a push … après ski and basic hygiene interfere greatly!

So I ask the loaded question … how about a pre-paid option at Big Bang? Where we can call in, order and pay? We can then walk in, yodel a “good morning” and leave bright eyed with our bagels in hand – avoiding the line up and getting to the hill nice and early with one of THE BEST bagels in hand!

So what do you think Big Bang … can you bring a little “big city” for us?