Best of Fernie 2022

With so many amazing local businesses, activities and events, choosing becomes tougher each year with an increasing amount of tight races in all categories. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Remember to show your love to organizations and businesses by keeping your support and $ local!

Best Fernie Season 2022

One of the celebrated things about Fernie is its pronounced seasons, each holding a special place in our hearts.

Gold: Summer

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Silver: Fall

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Bronze: Winter

Best Summer Activity 2022

The number of summer activities is on the rise in this beautiful Valley, drawing numerous people to our community with a substantial increase in summer tourism year after year.

Gold: Biking

Photo Credit: Krista Turcasso

Silver: Hiking

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Bronze: Golfing

Photo Credit: Raven Eye Photography

Best Winter Activity 2022

Pretty standard, year after year although we have seen an increase in interest in Nordic skiing and snowshoeing!

Gold: Skiing/Boarding

Silver: Nordic Skiing

Photo Credit: Vanessa Croome

Bronze: Snowshoeing

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Best Bike Trail 2022

Mountain biking has grown exponentially over the last few years, especially with the increase of events taking place in Fernie. Fortunately local trail organizations keep our network up to speed, maintaining and building all summer long to keep this recreational activity at its best!

Gold: Lazy Lizard

Silver: Swine Flu

Photo Credit: Krista Turcasso

Bronze: Project 9

Photo Credit: Krista Turcasso

Best Hiking Trail 2022

Arriving at one of the many peaks surrounding this Valley, and taking in the awesome views is always a summer highlight. Here are your favourites from 2022.

Gold: Heiko’s Trail

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Silver: Fairy Creek Falls

Photo Credit: Vanessa Croome

Bronze: Goldilocks at Island Lake Lodge

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Best Area at Fernie Alpine Resort 2022

There are so many great options at the hill, but of course we all have our favourites... some secret! These three received the top votes in 2022.

Gold: Currie Bowl

Photo Credit: OnTheSnow

Silver: Cedar Bowl

Photo Credit: MoreThanSkiing

Bronze: Snake Ridge

Photo Credit: Krista Turcasso

Best Place to Snowmobile 2022

More and more people are travelling to Fernie with snowmobiles in tow. For those of you into this growing sport, here were your 2022 picks!

Gold: Coal Creek

Photo Credit: Raven Eye Photography

Silver: Harvey Pass

Photo Credit: Shantelle Weir

Bronze: Hartley Lake

Best Place to Nordic Ski 2022

Thanks to the Fernie Nordic Society, our classic and skate skiing options have grown over the last few years. Here are this year's picks.

Gold: Elk Valley Nordic Centre

Photo Credit: Raven Eye Photography

Silver: Fernie Golf Course

Photo Credit: Vanessa Croome

Bronze: Montane

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Best Place to Snowbike 2022

Fat Biking has become a popular sport during the winter months in Fernie, with regular snow grooming and trails upon trails to explore. Here are this year’s top three!

Gold:  Montane

​Photo Credit: Troy Nixon

Silver: Fernie Ridge

Photo Credit: Troy Nixon

Bronze: Provincial Park / Lazy Lizard

Photo Credit: Fat Bike Frank (Taken during a night ride during the 2023 Elk Valley Streak)

Favourite Indoor Activity 2022

On those rainy summer days or during a cold winter spell, Fernie takes its recreation indoors! Here are 2022's top three.

Gold: Swimming

Silver: Yoga

Bronze: Weight Training

Favourite Historical Building 2022

Walking through town, you’re faced with Fernie’s history at every corner when looking at one of the stunning, restored historical buildings. This is how you voted this year!

Gold: Fernie Courthouse

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Silver: Fernie Heritage Library

Bronze: Brickhouse

Best Fernie Gallery 2022

Fernie is an artistic community, full of individuals who are creating regularly. Not surprisingly, that has resulted in numerous gallery spaces! This year, you picked these businesses as Fernie’s Best Galleries.

Gold: Fernie Arts Co-op

Silver: The Arts Station

Bronze: Cryptic Hive

Favourite Public Art 2022

Public art continues to grow in our community, with many murals, statues and outdoor installations throughout town. This year, your picks are vibrant, community oriented and historical!

Gold: Dumpster Art Project

Photo Credit: Vanessa Croome

Silver: All Kinds of Beauty, Michael Hepher

Bronze: The Royal Graffiti Mural, Liam Monahan

Best Venue for Live Music 2022

With a variety of entertainment opportunities, we thought it only fair to break up the categories this year especially with the growing popularity of jam nights, big bands, trios and singer/songwriters. Here are Fernie's best live music venues in 2022.

Gold: The Northern

Silver: The Arts Station

Bronze: The Fernie Taphouse

Best Place to Shake Your Booty 2022

It's fun to shake your booty in Fernie, and with each year the booty-shaking opportunities only get better. Check out 2022's top three.

Gold: The Northern

Silver: The Central

Bronze: Griz Bar

Photo Credit: Fernie Alpine Resort

Best Fernie Event 2022

Events of all types are on the rise in Fernie, thanks to the many volunteers and organizations putting the time and effort into putting them on. Here are the hot items of 2022, that you won't want to miss in 2023!

Gold: Wapiti

Silver: Griz Days

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Bronze: Demolition Derby

Best Method to Maintaining Balance/Cross Training 2022

With so much biking, running, golfing, skiing and the like, our bodies sometimes need a little TLC. Here are the top three ways Fernie residents and visitors maintain balance.

Gold: Gym/Strength Training

Silver: Yoga

Bronze: Meditation

Best Source for Injury Prevention and Rehab 2022

Once in a while if we're not maintaining balance, we leave ourselves open to injury. Here are the three top ways we keep this at bay or work through any injuries that occur.

Gold: Massage Therapy

Silver: Physio Therapy

Bronze: Gym / Strength Training

Favourite Fitness Facility 2022

When you like to play hard, it means you also might want to cross train to ensure you enjoy those recreational pursuits even more! Here are your picks for best fitness facility!

Gold: Evolution Fernie

Silver: Body Garage Fitness

Bronze: Mantra Spirit Studio

Best Spa in Town 2022

We are so fortunate to have a plethora of options when it comes to pampering ourselves. Here are 2022's best spas!

Gold: Spa 901

Silver: Three Sisters Day Spa

Bronze: Island Lake Spa

Favourite Fitness Facility 2022

When you like to play hard, it means you also might want to cross train to ensure you enjoy those recreational pursuits even more! Here are your picks for best fitness facility!

Gold: Evolution Health & Fitness

Silver: Fernie Strength Collective

Bronze: Soar Studios / Body Garage Fitness

Favourite Hair Salon 2022

Admit it - you only let that special hair dresser at your specific salon do your hair. We all have our favourites, here are the three that made the cut in 2022!

Gold: Sparrow Hair

Silver: New Roots

Bronze: Society Jane

Favourite Health Product Store 2022

Where do we pick up our vitamins, supplements and natural ingredients or products? Here are your picks for 2022.

Gold: The Good Earth

Silver: Eldho’s Independent Grocer

Bronze: Save On Foods

Best Place to Purchase Summer Gear 2022

The retail sector in Fernie is nothing short of amazing - you can literally find everything you need right here in this little town! Here are your picks for summer gear.

Gold: Gear Hub

Silver: Edge of the World

Bronze: The Guide’s Hut

Best Place to Purchase Winter Gear 2022

You always need great gear when exploring the backcountry, especially during the cold, wet winter months. Here's Fernie's 2022 picks for the best places to get your winter gear.

Gold: Edge of the World

Silver: Gear Hub

Bronze: The Guide’s Hut

Favourite Fashion Hot Spot 2022

Fernie has turned into a great shopping destination, with unique stores offering something for everyone. From mountain casual to an evening out, here are 2022's top three fashion hot spots.

Gold: Freyja

Silver: Coal Town Goods

Bronze: Edge of the World

Best Casual Wear Locale 2022

Most days in Fernie, you need something comfortable, built for the current weather, that is also fashionable - we call it mountain casual!

Gold: Edge of the World

Silver: Freyja

Bronze: Mark's Work Warehouse

Best Place for Kid’s Clothing, Toys and Gifts 2022

Yes, you can find everything you need for the kids in your life in Fernie! With a growing little person population, and plenty of little people visitors, the shopping sector has really stepped up. Here are your top picks for 2022.

Gold: Polar Peek Books and Treasures

Silver: Grow

Bronze: Salvation Army 

Best Jewellery and Accessory Hot Spot 2022

There are many choices when looking to pair a little bling or an accessory with your outfit of choice. Here are your top three faves in Fernie in 2022!

Gold: Coal Town Goods

Silver: Arts Co-op

Bronze: Freyja 

Best Place to Spruce Up Your Home 2022

With so many renovations and home building projects going on in and around Fernie, it's not surprising that we have some great options!

Gold: Canadian Tire / Interior Envy

Silver: Green Petal

Bronze: Urban Settler

Best Place to Stock the Fridge 2022

Whether visiting or living here, you need a good source of energy to keep up with your recreational pursuits. Fortunately, there is a plethora of shopping opportunities available to help keep the fridge stocked!

Gold: Eldho’s Independent Grocer

Silver: Save on Foods

Bronze: The Local Store

Best Place to Get Your Adult Treats 2022

Some enjoy a cold beer, chilled glass of wine, or a varietal of Cannabis after a day of work or play. Where were your favourite places to shop for these adult 'treats?'

Gold: BC Liquor Store

Silver: The Tipple Cold Beer & Fine Wine

Bronze: Spirits Cold Beer and Liquor (Park Place Lodge)

Best Place to Get Your Treats/Goodies 2022

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it's difficult to turn down the amazing goodies offered at a variety of shops, cafes and stores in town. Check out 2022's top three!

Gold: Le Bon Pain

Silver: Happy Cow

Bronze: Beanpod

Best Cup of Joe 2022

Finding a great cup of coffee in Fernie is far from difficult. With numerous locally run coffee shops, each with its own flavour, it's easy to find your favourite. Here are the three that received the top votes in 2022.

Gold: Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Silver: Freshies

Bronze: Mugshots

Best Place to Brunch 2022

A good bite to eat to start the day right or maybe a late morning weekend snack. Here are Fernie's brunch picks for 2022!

Gold: Bridge Bistro / The Blue Toque

Silver: Big Bang Bagels

Bronze: Loaf

Best Burger in Town 2022

A good burger is essential, and we all have our go-to locales. These three received the most votes in 2022!

Gold: The Brickhouse

Silver: The Northern

Bronze: The Pub Bar and Grill

Best Evening Dining Atmosphere 2022

When it comes to the evening portion of your Fernie experience there is a range of options. Many of the restaurants are known for their ambient nature, an outing in itself. Here are 2022's top three.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: Nevados

Bronze: The Brickhouse

Best Wine List 2022

BC has some of the world's greatest wines, and we are lucky to have Fernie restaurants highlighting many on their wine lists. Here are the three menus that made the cut in 2022.

Gold:  Bramasole

Silver: Island Lake Lodge

Bronze: Cirque Restaurant

Best Beer Selection 2022

Certain cuisines would just not taste the same without a complementary beer, and there are many restaurants and bars in town that go the extra mile to ensure this perfect match is available... sometimes making it quite a difficult choice!

Gold: The Northern

Silver: Fernie Taphouse

Bronze: The Brickhouse

Best Cocktail Menu 2022

Enjoying a beverage after a day at work, with friends or après ski, these restaurants offer a selection of choices.

Gold: Fernie Distillers

Silver: Nevados

Bronze: Yamagoya

Best Ethnic Restaurant 2022

For such a small town Fernie has a surprising number and variety of ethnic restaurants. Get out and explore - here are your favourites from 2022.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: Himalayan Spice Bistro

Bronze: Nevados

Best Food Truck 2022

With even more culinary options available on the streets in Fernie, this new category covers those delicious street eats. Here's your top three picks for 2022.

Gold: The Chopstick Truck

Silver: Graffito Pizza

Bronze: Yama-2-Go

Best Pizza in Town 2022

Pizza and burgers - staples in any town. These three establishments are your choice for pizza in 2022.

Gold: Funky Goat Pizza

Silver: Graffito Pizza

Bronze:  Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe

Best Quick Food Fix 2022

More often than not you're on the go in Fernie, whether you're on your way to your next adventure or heading to the office. Here are great options when you're short of time, 2022's people's choice.

Gold: Big Bang Bagels

Silver:  Lunchbox

Bronze: A&W

Best Place to Send the Family to Stay 2022

People are going to want to visit you in Fernie - period. Here are great options to send family members or those looking for somewhere cozy to spend the nights.

Gold: Snow Valley Lodging

Silver: Park Place Lodge

Bronze: Fernie Fox Hotel

Best Place to Send Friends on a Budget 2022

For those visitors on more of a budget, looking for someplace other than your couch, here are three options that received the most votes in 2022.

Gold: Mount Fernie Provincial Park

Silver: Raging Elk Adventure Lodging

Bronze: Fernie RV Park

Best Way to Spend $20 2022

You all had some fabulous ideas on the best way to spend $20 in Fernie. Here are the three that received the most votes.

Gold: A couple of Big Bang Bagels

Silver: Croissants from Le Bon Pain

Bronze: A couple of pints at FBC (Fernie Brewing Company)

Best Way to Spend $20 2022

You all had some fabulous ideas on the best way to spend $20 in Fernie. Here are the three that received the most votes.

Gold: Big Bang Bagels

Silver: Flight of Beer at FBC (Fernie Brewing Company)

Bronze: Le Bon Pain

Best Place for People Watching 2022

Fernie has an engaged community and draws many visitors who like to get engaged and enjoy the many things on offer here. But just where is the best place to take it all in? Here’s your votes for 2022!

Gold: Freshies patio

Silver: At Fernie Alpine Resort

Bronze: At a Wednesday Social

Best Reason for Living in Fernie 2022

There are so many reasons for living in Fernie, but these three keep making the cut year after year.

Gold: The community

Silver: The accessibility to recreate just out your front door

Bronze: The beautiful scenery

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Best Fernie Saying 2022

There are many "isms" in Fernie that one must truly learn and get on board with... some more than others (seriously, the 20cm rule should be law). Here are your top choices for 2022.

Gold: Came for a season, never left

Silver: The 20cm Rule

Bronze: Fernie time (although there are many who are over this one!)

Best First Date 2022

Love seems to bud in Fernie... maybe it's the amazing trails, or sick powder, or abundance of new faces that arrive each and every year. Regardless, here are some great ideas for that first date on the town!

Gold: Hiking and lunch at Island Lake Lodge

Silver: A mountain bike ride and dinner at Yamagoya

Bronze: Coffee and walking along the river

Best Place to Catch the Sunset 2022

Fernie is notorious for its magical sunsets. Here are your favourite places to catch the skies as the lights fade in 2022.

Gold: Microwave Towers

Photo Credit: Christine Thompson

Silver: Montane Hut

Bronze: On Lake Koocanusa

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