Best of Fernie 2011

With so many amazing local businesses, activities and events, choosing becomes tougher each year with an increasing amount of tight races in all categories. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Remember to show your love to organizations and businesses by keeping your support and $ local!

What's your favourite season in Fernie? 2011

Summer wins again! While we all love to ski, we love the diversity, longer days and social aspects summer provides.

Gold: Summer

Silver: Winter

Bronze: Fall

Number one activity in the summer months 2011

Biking has been growing in popularity and Fernie has responded with a plethora of amazing trails, services, events and more.

Gold: Biking

Silver: Hiking

Bronze: Fishing

Number 1 activity in the winter months. 2011

Winter may be our second favourite season, but we like to take advantage of the large amounts of snowfall by getting out and playing in it!

Gold: Skiing or snowboarding

Silver: Cross country skiing

Bronze: Snow shoeing

Best bike trail 2011

There are so many bike trails in Fernie, many of them new! This year's top three are all cruisy, fun trails for a wide variety of riders.

Gold: Swine Flu

Silver: Dem Bones

Bronze: Southern Comfort

Best hiking trail 2011

Fernie's mountains have such an allure, it's not surprising hiking is such a popular summer activity.

Gold: Heiko's Trail

Silver: Fernie Mountain

Bronze: Spineback

Best area at Fernie Alpine Resort 2011

There are so many private stashes at Fernie Alpine Resort, many probably hidden within these amazing areas of the hill!

Gold: Curry Bowl

Silver: Cedar Bowl

Bronze: Snake Ridge

Favourite place to snowmobile 2011

The Elk Valley has an abundance of terrain to explore, and snowmobiling is becoming increasingly popular.

Gold: Coal Creek

Silver: Harvey Pass

Bronze: Morrissey

Best place to cross country ski 2011

The Fernie Nordic Society has taken cross country skiing to new heights - not surprisingly Island Lake Road is the most popular for exploring this year.

Gold: Island Lake Lodge Road

Silver: Fernie Golf & Country Club

Bronze: Fernie Alpine Resort

Favourite indoor activity 2011

We balance our outdoor recreation with indoor activities, and Yoga is the top choice once again.

Gold: Yoga

Silver: Swimming

Bronze: Skating/Hockey

How you maintain balance or cross train outside of sport 2011

As an active community, residents and visitors take the time to cross train to ensure they can maximize their enjoyment. Here are this year's top picks.

Gold: Hit the gym

Silver: Yoga

Bronze: Pool

Best source for injury prevention and rehab 2011

If you happened to have an injury or wanted to prevent one, this is what you choose in 2011!

Gold: Massage

Silver: Physio Therapy or Athletic Therapy

Bronze: Chiropractic

Best spa in town 2011

Where did you go in 2011 to relax and rejuvenate?

Gold: Island Lake Spa

Silver: Trillium Day Spa

Bronze: Indigo Spa

Favourite hair salon 2011

When you were looking for a new do or a little pampering, these were your picks.

Gold: Sparrow for Hair

Silver: ET Hair Salon

Bronze: Bluelime

Your go to health product source 2011

Whether you were fighting a cold, building up your immune system, replenishing your vitamins or looking for natural products and foods, here is where you went!

Gold: Cottonwood Tree

Silver: The Good Earth

Bronze: Overwaitea

Where you purchase your summer gear 2011

Being active means you need the gear - here are your "go to" summer gear locales.

Gold: Straightline

Silver: The Gear Hub

Bronze: The Guide's Hut

Where you purchase your winter gear 2011

Gear is an important element of playing in the mass amounts of powder we receive in Fernie - here's where we went to get our winter gear in 2011.

Gold: Straightline

Silver: Ski Base

Bronze: The Guide's Hut

Fashion hotspot 2011

For a small town, we sure do have some great options when it comes to fashion! Here were your top three for 2011!

Gold: Freyja

Silver: Board Stiff

Bronze: Odyssey

Casual wear locale 2011

Taking it down a notch, keeping it casual, there are still many options in Fernie!

Gold: Freyja

Silver: Board Stiff

Bronze: Ski Base

Best place for kid's clothing, toys and gifts 2011

The kid population is on the rise, and the response has been an abundance of resources! Here's where you shopped for your kids in 2011.

Gold: Grow

Silver: Polar Peek Books & Treasures

Bronze: Extra Foods

Jewelry and accessory hot spot 2011

These shops provided with all the bling you needed in 2011.

Gold: Carosella

Silver: Freyja

Bronze: Bunches

Where you go to spruce up your home 2011

From boutique shops to hardware stores, Fernie has what you need for your home decor and fix ups!

Gold: Canadian Tire

Silver: Home Hardware AND Green Petal

Bronze: Livery Home

Where you stock the fridge 2011

We need our health and energy to ensure we can keep up on the slopes or trails! Here's where we shopped in 2011.

Gold: Overwaitea

Silver: Extra Foods

Bronze: Cincott Organic Market

Where you stock the liquor cabinet 2011

Let's face it - we all have a preference when it comes to where we get our beer, wine and liquor! Here are your picks for 2011.

Gold: BC Liquor Store

Silver: The Fernie Cold Beer & Liquor Store

Bronze: Fernie Mountain Spirits

Where you get your treats/goodies 2011

It's important to treat yourself, here's where you went in 2011!

Gold: Loaf

Silver: Beanpod

Bronze: Happy Cow

Best cup of joe 2011

That morning americano to start your day or mid-day latte to keep you on your way are important elements of Fernie life. Here are your picks for 2011.

Gold: Freshies

Silver: Mugshots

Bronze: Fernie Tea & Coffee House

Favourite place to brunch 2011

There's nothing like spending a late morning with friends enjoying brunch and coffee on a weekend!

Gold: Blue Toque

Silver: Big Bang Bagels

Bronze: Mug Shots

Best burger in town 2011

A burger may be a burger, but we all have our favourites - extra cheese? Homemade patties? A little something different?

Gold: The Brickhouse

Silver: The Northern

Bronze: Parkplace Pub

Best evening dining atmosphere 2011

If you're looking for great food AND ambiance, here are three great options in Fernie.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: Picnic

Bronze: The Brickhouse

Where you shake your booty 2011

Sometimes you just need to shake your booty. Last year it just happened to take place at these establishments.

Gold: The Northern

Silver: The Central

Bronze: The Griz Bar

Favourite ethnic restaurant 2011

We're humbled by the quality and diversity of restaurants in Fernie - here are 2011's favourite ethnic restaurants, although in our minds they're all rock stars.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: Curry Bowl

Bronze: Mountain Tandoor

Best pizza in town 2011

Sometimes you want something quick and satisfying, and pizza does the job! Here are your top three in 2011.

Gold: Loaf

Silver: Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe

Bronze: Just Pizza

Your quick food fix 2011

Believe it or not, people living in or visiting Fernie eat on the fly often - heading to work, heading to play... a busy bunch! Here are the top spots for food on the fly in 2011.

Gold: Big Bang Bagels

Silver: Tim Horton's

Bronze: Subway

Where the family stays when they come to town 2011

The family is coming to town and you don't have the space - just where do you send them?

Gold: Parkplace Lodge

Silver: Best Western

Bronze: Stanford Inn

Where you send low budget friends 2011

Your buddies are coming to town and you don't want your house to turn into a frat house for the weekend - here are the top picks for friends on a budget in 2011.

Gold: Raging Elk Hostel

Silver: Super 8 Motel

Bronze: Snow Valley Motel

Best way to spend your last $20 2011

The general consensus was to treat yourself!

Gold: Apres beer and nachos

Silver: A Big Bang bagel

Bronze: Coffee and treats

Best place for people watching 2011

Not surprisingly, the best people watching is where the most people gather!

Gold: Second Avenue

Silver: Fernie Alpine Resort

Bronze: The Griz Bar

THE social event of 2011 2011

Last year was probably the most event-filled year since our inception, here were your top three!

Gold: Wapiti - Fernie's Music Festival

Silver: The Lion's Club Demolition Derby

Bronze: Hot Dog Day

THE Sports event of 2011 2011

Fernie's recreational scene is on the rise, and with it a multitude of sporting events.

Gold: The TransRockies

Silver: The Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam

Bronze: Fernie Tears & Gears

Best reason for living in Fernie 2011

Why do we all choose to live here? You probably thought it would be the snow...

Gold: The Community/People

Silver: The lifestyle

Bronze: The mountains/outdoors

Best reason for visiting Fernie 2011

Why do people choose to visit Fernie?

Gold: The skiing and biking are what predominantly allure you!

Silver: The community and people keep you coming back for more.

Bronze: And you can never resist Fernie's beauty.

Favourite Fernie saying 2011

What were your favourite Fernie-isms from last year?

Gold: Closed - 10-20cm rule!

Silver: I came for the winter, but stayed for the summer.

Bronze: Being on Fernie Time.

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